Blood Diamonds Essay

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Blood Diamonds

The result in the deaths of more than fifty thousand people, left millions homeless, and integrated violence such as mass rapes and mutilations were caused from these jewels earnings which helped to subsidize a war. It was also stated that these blood diamonds increase the battle in Africa which resulted to the loss of four million lives and millions of residents has been dislocated. Same of what happened at Sierra Leone which had discrepancy; these conflict diamonds yet in little ways can cause massive destruction in a country.

In the vile civil war at Sierra Leone, the rising up evolutionary United Front apprehended control to a great extent of the nation’s diamond fields. The issue regarding blood diamonds did not occur only long-ago. There was a report recently by the United Nation that twenty-three dollars of diamonds are being smuggled into international diamond markets which are from the Ivory Coast. Diamonds have also played an important role in financing conflicts in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Fortified sadism and vicious human rights abuses go on with over control of diamond mines in eastern Congo which was the bloodiest war since World War II. The Global Witness in 1998 had to start a revelation operation about the role of diamonds in financial support argument. Amnesty International a proletariat human rights organization in the world became so influential in enlightening citizens concerning the problem and urges the governments and industry to take action. International tension has augmented from a large federation of Non Government Officials through the years.

United States is the seventy percent of the world’s diamond trader and this only means that it was the leading costumer of diamonds. With this reason, they should be the first and major head to cover on the problem of blood diamonds which also called conflict diamonds. On the way hard works for the United States Congress to control the trading of blood diamonds. Terrorist operation are possible funded by the international trade of diamonds and with this, the United States Congress Members obtains tactics to put a stop to it.

Diamonds are expensive goods that can easily be covered and transported according to the U. S. General Accounting Office and was used in illegal means of trading. It was extracted from inaccessible areas which no hint to find from its origin. Government-run Kimberley Process which is an international agreement endorsed by the United Nation which aimed and developed a diamond certification program that would prevent the flow of blood diamond and initiated stop to its trade was presently participate United States together with other countries.

The “chain of warranties” or the “system of self regulation. ” was the agreement wherein the diamond companies will take charge to guard itself in dispatching diamonds from its place to the stores where it should be delivered. This became there support to the Kimberley Process. However this agreement I not fully applied to the industries because it is a must for a company dealing in diamonds to have a course of action in place to guarantee that their diamonds are conflict-free.

Actual visit of the government in the diamond industries should be practiced for more assurance of freeing from conflicts and conduct cyclic area confirmation to diamond companies to make sure they have schemes in place to avoid any trade in conflict diamonds. Several of the countries rich in diamonds are those really poor and citizens do not get any benefit from their resources particularly the soil richness. Confusions and explosive natures are widespread in the diamond fields because revolutionary group’s antiterrorists can still seize benefit and right to use the diamonds.

Given all the problems concerning the conflict diamonds the United States government should take a look in implementing the diamond law and require all regions to build up a reliable diamond industry. The practice for tracking arrangement in each of the diamond companies will be helpful to make sure to prevent the entrance in the market of conflict diamonds. Additional force should be given off by the Administration for the implementation of Clean Diamond Trade Act (CDTA) in impeding the operation to conflict diamonds as they support the Kimberley Process. Nowadays, blood diamonds are still a serious dilemma.

Experientially the government action in controlling the finance conflict in diamonds are not that powerful and functional to ensure that the rebel groups, terrorist and other criminal networks will not anymore make use of it. This continual weakness of the Control System found by the Government Accountability Office of United States was because of the paltry imposing of Clean Diamond Trade Act. The needs for development in monitoring process in the diamond industries in line with the law and accumulating precise information on United States trade in rough diamonds.

Being the leading consumer of diamonds, the United States should insist on strengthening the Clean Diamond Trade Act and the Kimberley Process. Suggested step that will be the best help addressing on the problem will be: working with other key administration to reinforce the Kimberley Process and break down on blood diamonds smuggled out of the Ivory Coast. In addition ensure that the Kimberley Process taking on procedures to develop the accurateness and investigation of the information, call for authentication of production conformity, endow with satisfactory financing to encourage effective completion of the system.

They should also provide more forceful support as well as technical and financial aid, to help countries develop their accomplishment of the Kimberley Process. The on time application of the proposals of Government Accountability Office including the spot checks of diamond companies and tracking of rough diamonds inside and outside the country especially the goal setting in executing the proposal will be a great help in resolving the problems. Having hands on urgent dealings to progress the accuracy of United States rough diamond trade statistics will also be a help. References:

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