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Blog Entry: Adobe

With the constant effort by Adobe to practice corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, it has provided new means to increase its role in synchronizing organizational objectives according to the standards provided by the U. S. Green Building Council (USBGC). In accordance to the tenets provided by the LEED Green Building Rating System, our company has achieved a great landmark: becoming the first U. S. business to achieve excellence (Four-Platinum Level) for energy and environmental levels.

Here, the efforts of Adobe provided great results in various areas. With the purpose of accomplishing a ‘Green Initiative’, we have sought changes in (1) office buildings, (2) waste management and (3) sustainable manufacturing. Due to this, we are proud to announce a considerable drop in consumption and greatly adhered to most of the LEED Green Building Rating Standards.

Among these include a reduction of electricity use by 35%, re-engagement in recycling in all of Adobe’s facilities, and adoption of a sustainable method within our supply chain. These changes along with others provided a new benchmark on how Adobe responds to calls for environmental protection. Thus, the success of the company wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts coming from employees who provided inputs on both the individual and division level.

Their contributions increased the ability of Adobe to generate new perspectives and incorporate these themes into sustainable and environmental-friendly services and tools to meet the demands of consumers. Through these endeavors, our company has become increasingly responsive and adaptable to changes in the 21st century. Work Cited Adobe. Environmental Responsibility: Conserving Resources. 2010 accessed 22 July 2010 from <http://www. adobe. com/corporateresponsibility/environmental. html>

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