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FURQAN MIRZA APPLICATION POSITION FOR AIRCRAFT TECHNICIAN Objective: To secures Aircraft Maintenance Technician Position with an organization offering and advancement opportunities, in which my education, experience, and skill can make a positive contribution to your company. Responsibilities: • According to procedure, and performed the maintenance and servicing of aircraft. • Used for instruction, research or transportation and retained the related maintenance record. • Performed required weekly inspection and required inspection after major repair and check or alteration, and certified airworthiness for flight. Work with all part of aircraft including engine, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, landing gear system, a/c system, and all airframe related work.

• Performed troubleshooting, engine run-up, towing, repairing, removing and assembling. • Ensure the understanding and practice proper safety procedure. Apprenticeship (Aerospace Engineering): The three year apprenticeship program in Aerospace Engineering from Pakistan International Airline, Including one year theory classes along with 25 courses and two year on Job Training (OJT) Program in different engineering section on live aircraft maintenance.

Also, I am Technician Registration Card (TRC) holder from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

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OJT work Experience: Line Maintenance : One year experience of line maintenance in PIA, and perform the all line maintenance work on arrival (Transit Check), departure and LRU. Base Maintenance : One year experience of WBH (Wide body Hanger) in PIA, to perform the detail check of aircraft CHECK C, CHECK CA, CHECK 6A, etc on BOEING777-200LR/ER,300ER, 747-200/300, 737-300 and AIRBUS 310 and also I have achieved different engineering task from PIA.

Education: B. Sc:University of Karachi. (Engineering)( D.

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J Sindh Govt Science College Karachi ) D. A. E:Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi. (Mechanical)( Y. M. C. A Polytechnic Institute Karachi ) MATRIC:Board of Secondary Education Karachi. (Science) Computer Literacy: ? AUTO CAD ? MS. Office ? Networking ? Internet, Window-98 XP Professional. Training: ? Basic Fire Fighting. ? Elementary First Aid. ? Proficiency in Personal Survival Technique. ? Proficiency in Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.

Achievement: ? Achieved the appreciation letter on Aircraft B-743 AP-BAK, was grounded in Bay-III Base maintenance for conversion from Combi to full pax configuration with carry out check C. ?Achieved the appreciation letter on Aircraft B-777 AP-BID, AP-BGL, AP-BGK, was on BAY-III base maintenance for modification Fuel Tank Fastener Cap Sealing with carry out check C. ?Achieved appreciation letter on aircraft A-310 AP-BEU, was grounded on BAY III to carry out removal and installation task of Nose and main Landing Gear. Achieved the appreciation litter on aircraft B-743 AP-BFU was grounded at bat III to carry out 1- Check 9A AND SB 74754A22224R3 2- Replacement of R/H and L/H IB T/E Flap carriage assembly. 3- Replacement of R/H and L/H T/E Mid (fore and aft) Flap. 4- Adjustment and Rigging of Flap after Installation. Personal Data: Father’s Name :Younus Mirza Marital status:Single Date of Birth :08th June, 1986 Language Ability :English / Urdu Nationality :Pakistani Religion:Islam Address:Flat No# 8, Bashir Plaza Sector 11 / H

Nagan Chowrangi, North Karachi- Karachi Pakistan. Email:furqan7e7@hotmail. com :furqanmirza11@yahoo. com Postal Code:75850 NIC No:42101-3005175-7 Mobile:0301-2310926 / 0333-2314802 Passport No:BB0911751 Extra Activities: General knowledge and Public Relation debate and Cricket Reference: NAME : AMIR SALEEM DESIGNATION: OFFICER ENGINEER COMPANY: PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE CONTACT NO: +923343602429 NAME : FARHAN MIRZA DESIGNATION: COSTING OFFICER COMPANY: JOHNSON & JOHNSON PAKISTAN CONTACT NO: +923332314802 3008328232 [pic]

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