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Blanche, Stella, Stanley and Mitch Essay

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She keeps remembering the night that he died and the exact conversation they had she uses vague expression when she talks about him and she keeps his letters to her very closely. I think the reason why Blanche has these dramatic flashbacks is that she has not found a partner to comfort her and let her move on, if Blanche moved on she would forget some of the things that happened to her and she would live a normal life again. But this need for Blanche is stopped as Stanley gets involved and later she is sent to a mental asylum.

Later in the play Blanche finds someone she can express her feelings to, this person was Mitch, although Blanche found Mitch quite boring to talk to she could express her feelings to him and he would understand an example of this is when Blanche tells him about the death of her last lover she starts crying on his shoulder and Mitch seems comforting from this point of the play Blanche has found someone that can actually comfort her when she gets those dramatic flashbacks, she has succeeded in finding someone but later this promising relationship turns into nothing and Blanche has lost what she had set out to do.

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Blanche for me represents the old type of American and she still lives in the past unlike Stanley who lives in the present day America. I think that Mitch was the only person that actually understood Blanches feelings unlike the other characters in the play who thought that she was going crazy. At the end of this play Blanche has lost everything in her life, she had lost Belle Reve, her lover, her family and her possible partner Mitch, Blanche had failed in what she had set out to do.

Also although she is portrayed as a victim in the play, she used to be quite bossy to her sister, Blanche had used her age to use her sister to buy her things or to do things for her I think that Blanche used her age as a positive point to boss people around that’s why she acted like a ‘queen’ said by Stanley. Mitch Throughout this play Mitch needs to find someone who can have a stable loving relationship with him. He also wants to make his mum happy that he has someone to be with after her death. To summarise, he needs to find a lover before his mother finally dies.

He finally finds Blanche who he takes a great interest. He first notices her when he is playing poker with Steve, Pablo and Stanley, Stanley finds out that Mitch is winning the poker game and he is taking interest in Blanche. At the end of the play Mitch looses everything that he had wanted and did not get the chance to marry before he’s mum had died. Stella Throughout this play Stella needs two essential things to let her survive they are sex and Stanley. She desperately needs a strong man and sex because she does not want to be left out of her and Stanley’s relationship.

We can tell that Stella is very easily persuaded and she needs sex when the poker night ends up by Stanley hitting her, then she goes to Eunice’s house and starts crying meanwhile Stanley comes out in the rain and starts shouting ‘I want my baby! ‘ and ‘Stella’. Stella is easily persuaded by Stanley’s cries and she later comes back down and they start making love. From this I understand that she needs Stanley for pleasure and she is also very easily persuaded when she is hurt, I think also the reason why she wanted to come back to Stanley is because she does not want to loose him because she likes his roughness masculinity.

In the end of the play Stella has got everything that she wanted, she still has Stanley and she still makes love to him. Unfortunately she has lost her sister, which she still is distraught about but again Stanley persuades her that Blanche going to a mental asylum is good for her and for their relationship. Conclusion What I have found out from this essay and play is that out of the four characters (Stanley, Stella, Blanche and Mitch) only two got what they needed to survive and the two characters are Stanley and Stella.

First of all Stanley got exactly what he wanted, he had got rid of Blanche, he still had he’s wife which he had won over Blanche, most of all he got away with raping Blanche, he knew that nobody would believe her if she had told anybody. To achieve all of his objectives he used he’s masculinity, roughness and free will of power over everyone in the household, so I think that Stanley Kowalski who represents the new America achieved what he had set out to do. Stella survived with manipulation from her husband who later won her over her own sister Blanche.

She survived by sticking to her husband who basically controlled her throughout the play. So I think although Stella had lost her sister she still had survived and still had her husband and a full stable relationship. Unfortunately for people like Blanche and Mitch things did not go well at all, they had both searched for a lover and they found each other but unfortunately their relationship did not go well and Mitch did not get married before his mother had died and for Blanche she did not find someone to comfort and love her after her young lovers tragic death.

Finally I think the biggest victim in the play was Blanche because she had lost Belle Reve together with her mum and dad, also her lover, which she had loved dearly, loved and at the end Blanche Du Bois sadly was sent to a mental asylum, which she would have to stay in for a long time meaning that she will probably never find true love, and still keep having tragic visions of her lovers death who she had a good relationship with.

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