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Blackrock by Nick Enright

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (560 words)
Categories: Gay, Gender, Homosexuality, Human, Sex, Society
Downloads: 48
Views: 156

The impact of difference that is revealed in nick Enright’s text ‘Blackrock’ and Ed Fischer’s ‘go to the closet’ is that gender difference and those who are of different belief can majorly impact a group/individual severely. In particular being a female in a young male’s society, or having the belief that homosexuality is acceptable in society. The play ‘Blackrock’ portrays gender difference within the community where women are discriminated against and don’t have ample opportunities in which the males almost always have.

The male characters have a close bond and an adequate amount of respect for each, due to being a male. Whilst treating females with little respect. The males expect that the females have to listen and do what is asked of them, objectifying them sexually. Then using derogatory language towards them. Scott- “piss off, you old slag. ” When not living up to their standards. In a number of scenes, the treatment of the males to females is shown significantly.

When ricko asks jarred to cover up for him and lie to the police, jarred feels obligated to protect his ‘bro’ instead of assisting in justice for one of the girls.

At the party the girls are yet again expected to act a certain way and according to the boys they should act flirty as well as ‘put out’. As the girls explore their sexuality, as requested by the boys they get sworn at as well as abused. Scott-“she’s been through ricko already. Now its Gary. Now she’s a fucken band mole. ” Towards the end of the play the males show no remorse for their behaviour against Tracey, and suggest that Tracey was acting a certain way for them to pursue in sexual relations, claiming that she consented.

As a consequence of their actions Tracey was left alone and vulnerable, leaving ricko the chance to take advantage of the state Tracey was in. However in defending toby, Stewart expresses apprehension of what would happen to toby if he was convicted of his crimes, and once imprisoned as a young male would then possibly become a victim of sexual assault within the prison walls of grown men. Rachel points out that gender difference in the matter of everyone being contemptuous about Tracey’s assault and the fact of matter that the behaviour being excused and unaccounted for.

The girls stick to together before, during and after the party. Scott- “couple of lezzos, are you. ” Additionally the text ‘go to the closet’ also depicts discrimination due to sexuality differences. In this cartoon facial expressions and hand gestures by the puritans who look disgusted and intolerant of the homosexual couple, pointing them towards the closet. This suggests that society does not tolerate homosexuality because it is different.

Ed Fischer’s is persuading the audience about difference of same sex marriage, and his opinion on the puritans, as well as the wrongful treatment that some people receive is intolerable, it is wrong and to not discriminate against people with different sexual reference. In addition to both the text and cartoon, difference in gender or sexuality can effect an individual/group in such a harmful way, whether it be traceys death, or the 2 homosexuals being ‘sent back into the closet’. Not only women but other different pinioned people should always be accepted and recognize the facts that it is acceptable in today’s society.

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Blackrock by Nick Enright. (2016, Oct 04). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/blackrock-by-nick-enright-essay

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