Blackboard Student Orientation Essay

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Blackboard Student Orientation

The Blackboard Learning System is the wide-ranging and adaptable electronic-learning software platform built up for educationalists to improve their instruction and learning experience by means of the Internet. Blackboard operates using either Netscape or Internet Explorer. The browser must accommodate both JavaScript and Java. Institutions around the world are now using Blackboard to enhance conventional classroom education and convey superior distance training (Jafari and Sheehan, 2003).

The platform has been refined through three years of continual innovation and feedback from its user base. Students can access their courses remotely if they do not have computers at home through their institution’s computer center or at pubic libraries that have a web connection. To access the course, a student must have a university email account. This is usually set up automatically after the student registers for the course in which Blackboard is used. From the orientation, it became clear to me the concept of Blackboard. I know now that the Blackboard Inc.

is a company that markets and sells software designed to optimize use of the Internet as a tool for advancing education and learning. It also increases institutions’, faculties’ and students’ right of entry to applicable educational content as well as offer instructive information services. In this way, Blackboard reaches a more extensive base of students, graduates and groups of people. I also learned that Blackboard is an education portal that can pull data from campus information systems (student information system, human resource management system, etc.

) and from the Internet, and unify their presentation to end users following information standards. This way, the Blackboard Learning System positively influences the online education program of educationalists by allowing the customization of their courses using only the needed features that are suitable to their educational needs. The use of the system likewise helps facilitate a shift in the mode of assessment, from summative to formative evaluation. WORK CITED Jafari, A. & Sheehan. (2003). Designing Portals: Opportunities and Challenges. Hershey, Pennsylvania: Idea Group, Inc.

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