Black Voice video critical response Essay

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Black Voice video critical response

The Black Americans perhaps never had it so good, and for justifiable reasons too. A young Black senator, Barack Obama is moving towards the threshold of White House. He has moved forward not because he is Black, but on account of his merits as an American Citizen. Many prudent individuals, intellectuals saw that the coming events cast their shadow before—and the Entertainment industry of America does not lag behind. This industry has the heaven-sent opportunity to do some music creations that will have historic importance. “Yes We Can, the brainchild of Black Eyed Peas front-man Will.

I. Am and director Jesse Dylan, is a clip gathering nearly 40 celebrities – including John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Hill Harper, Kate Walsh, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tatyana Ali, Aisha Tyler, Common, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger, Fonzworth Bentley, and the luscious lipped Scarlett Johansson – speaking, singing and playing along to the historic speech that Obama recited during his history making Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary nigh event. ”(Barack…. ) That was expressing her admiration and support for Senator Barack Obama.

Using video clips have immense weight, as they are the important tools of mass appeal in the big city primaries and ultimately at the time of Presidential Election. The song is the great answer to the past and present history of America and emotions ran high during the occasion and for valid reasons too! The song stirred not only the blacks but all right-thinking Americans, inspiring them to participate constructively in the Election process, so that they will be the willing partners in removing the various negativities from the American society, like corruption and mind-less aggrandizement for wealth at the cost of the poor etc.

Obama is not for the black community, he is for the humanity–he is for all the people– thus ‘speaks’ the contents of the video! This video recording, at the campaign stage itself, has begun to re-write the history of America. People have begun to think, on the right lines, as per true democratic traditions. The voters of America are out to prove worthy of the principles enshrined in the Constitution they are so proud to own. In a two party system, when the rival strengths are matching, that is the ideal situation for the genuine welfare of the country.

Each party realizes that unless something tangible is done, the party will be heading for doom. The party in the “Powerful Chair” is never happy to vacate that seat. “. It’s a blessing to see people look beyond the color of skin and beyond political party to actually looking at the issues and feeling like their one vote really makes a difference. “(Barack…) Brack Obama’s speeches apart, this video has rendered the yeoman service not only to the present election campaign, but to the American thought-process as a whole.

People have realized their responsibility; they are no more dumb statues but dynamic voters, and each of them has realized the importance of their votes. Nothing better can happen for the functioning of democracy and the awakened people are its best assets. A new video is available every Friday on Black Voices and the official sponsor of the six-week program is none other than Toyota Motor Sales, USA. “. The Black Voices Weekly Wire is hosted by Tatyana Ali, R&B artist and actress who is best known for her role as Ashley Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Black Voices is the No. 1 online destination for African-American news, culture and community. ”(AOL’s…)This video is meant to highlight issues concerning African-American audience, to discuss latest news and to serve as a user’s forum. Its twin objectives are entertainment as well as education. Says Dionne Colvin, National Advertising Strategy & Planning Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “We want to reach the target by providing compelling content that puts African-American women in the driver’s seat and Black Voices is a leader in reaching this valuable consumer online.

” (AOLs…. ) So, right things are happening at the right time in America. Election process for the President of America has infused enthusiasm without parallel in the Black Voice video recording. The pages of American History daubed in bloodshed related to issues of color are asking the crying question. How to make this country heaven-like on Planet Earth? The answer provided by the video, “Yes We Can,” banking on the worthiness of Barack Obama’s candidature for Presidency, is simple and direct.

Eyes full of understanding, hearts full of love and the life that refuses conflicts between Blacks and Whites-these assurances that need to find practicability in the day to day life of Americans—enough these alone are enough! ============= References Cited Barack Obama: New Music Video Sensation – Black Voices BlogsI love this video. It is very soul moving! “Yes We Can”. …. AOL Black Voices, the premiere site for African-American culture and community…

Posted Feb 4th 2008 11:11PM by Karu F. Daniels www. blackvoices. com/blogs/2008/02/04/barack-obama-new-music-video-sensation – 57k -Retrieved on July 3, 2008 AOL’s Black Voices Launches ‘The Black Voices Weekly Wire … 2 Jul 2008 … Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. is the official sponsor of the six-week program, with a new video available every Friday on Black Voices’ … https://www. webwire. com/ViewPressRel_print. asp? aId=69111 – 17k – 6 hours ago – Retrieved on July 3, 2008

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