Black Matters Essay

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Black Matters

I must admit that this is the most challenging fruitful reading that I have ever endured. At first it was a drag, but once I took out my dictionary and got serious I begin to truly understand, accept and open my mind to a new learning experience. Black matters is a powerful statement, before reading I glanced at the title and it gave me pride. I thought to myself that black matters was a new meaning for my black people and standing up for what they believed in.

Black matters means that my black people problems are equal to the white superior man or women. Black matters means that we the black race are the priority, we are important, we are not invisible and we do to matter. Toni Morrison, a strong African American woman, with a strong voice and many words. An author and editor: born February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio; the first African American woman to receive Nobel Prize in Literature. I have heard students in my class refer to Morrison as a literature legend because of her most popular writings.

I have never in life read or heard of Toni Morrison; however, my impression of her is charismatic, devoted, hardworking, strong will, expressive and much more. I look at her as a teacher and I believe that she practices what she preach. Her emotion in the passage was deep I sense anger, disappointment, and at some point fear. I also sense happiness to be able to inform. People all over the world would benefit from this particular writing because it expands literature from black prospective verses the ordinary expected.

According to Brooklyn Academy, Morrison states that her ultimate goal is to “to restore the language that black people spoke to its original power”. Her intention in this piece is to take down the boundaries that limit African American literature to its people, not only us but she intends to broadcast it around the world for everyone to hear, see and understand. While planting the seed with a little imagination to draw a picture in our mind so we can better picture of African American adventure. It would take place without a big seen or drama it would just be food for thought for the African American race.

I like when she says “my work requires me to think about how free I can be as an African American writer women writer in my genderized, sexualized, wholly racialized world. This is a very genderized, sexualized, wholly racialized world and throughout any career, the African American race will always be judged and challenged especially women. “American literature has been clearly the preserve of the white male views, genius, and power, those views, genius, and power are without relationship to and removed from the overwhelming presence of black in the united states”.

This is totally not fair because they are only educating us from one prospective. They are leaving out our black genius people who have slaved and fought for our freedom. In their eyes W. E. B Dubois, Fredrick Douglass, James Baldwin, Alice Walker and many more do not matter. Let them tell it there is only one way and that is the white way. That is why are black children are uniformed and uneducated. That is why black history month is not longer celebrated in the schools today.

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