Black Hand – The Conspiracy that started War Essay

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Black Hand – The Conspiracy that started War

In 1911 ten politically important men of Serbia formed a secret society called the Black Hand in one of their sister’s basements. Three years later, the Black Hand had started World War one. Fifteen million people died, 20 million people wounded; all because of the bad judgement of one man and the death of another. The cause the Black Hand was fighting for was a worthy one for they were simply liberating themselves from Austro-Hungarian control. They wanted to be free people and many powerful and political people of Serbia joined the leader ranks of the Black Hand. They operated through stealth and if a perpetrator of the Black Hand was caught by the enemy then they were under strict orders to commit suicide at the first opportunity, if not then the Black Hand would kill that person themselves in case they had become a spy for the enemy; One bad move and the foundation of which they formed would be ripped apart; They had to be cautious and very clear on what they intended to do or their enemy would pick them off one by one.

The cause of the First World War is quite memorably famous; well I’d say it is to anyone who’s studied WWI in school but what may seem interesting is how one small rock that is the assassination of a prince, tied to many other bigger rocks that are the empires and the countries, could miraculously pull them all in to a never-ending hole in such short time. Many speculate that the tension between the two sides of the war was at such a high standing point that even a feather could make that tension blow up colossally; others who think otherwise are quite stupid. So generally it wasn’t the small innocent(well I wouldn’t exactly say innocent) rock that pulled the larger rocks into deep oblivion, no, it was the powerful winds abided and helped by the small rock that made it all happen, a small rock made such a big difference in a much larger world, anything’s possible eh? The Black Hand was a secret organisation whose sole goal was to disrupt Austria-Hungary plans, terrorise them in their most crucial points and in the end game; kick them out of Serbia so the country could once again be whole and free.

They would go to any measures to extrapolate their plans and many people died. They formed in 1911 and by 1914 there were several hundreds of members, perhaps even more accurately two thousand five hundred. They had spies everywhere. Perhaps their biggest act and possibly their biggest overestimated one was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. They could never possibly see that it would some short time later cause World War one. They had hoped to shake Austria-Hungary and perhaps cite some fear into the King but never to cause a war of mass scale. Unfortunately any one thing, however small, was enough to pop that tension filled balloon and cause a war.

So If they didn’t cause the war, something else was obviously have done it. The assassination wasn’t professionally done. By that I mean the leaders behind the plot didn’t go to great measures to ensure that Franz Ferdinand would die. They relied on the number of men they had enrolled to do the job. There were a lot of their men on the scene and many were not captured, being transparent in the luminous crowd. Perhaps they did not want to hurt their fellow Serbs for something such as a 20 metre range bomb would surely kill and harm a lot of innocent people. But never the less the prince was assassinated after fruitless attempts;

He was assassinated by a young man called Gavrillo Princip who made no hesitation to kill the prince after spotting him across the road, his colleagues were obviously unsuccessful in the act and without a seconds thought Gavrillo ran out and fired two shots, killing the prince and his wife Sophie. Years after the war had ended Gavrillo Princip was questioned. At the end of the interview, they asked him if he knew what would have happened when he fired those shots, would he have done it? This proved that the Black Hands intentions were clean at heart even to the lowest members for he said “god hell no, Commend millions of people to death because of my own stupid judgement? Hell no”.

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