Black Codes Essay

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Black Codes

The black codes were a another word for hate, and the reason I say this because the true meaning of The black codes is a law that stops the blacks from having freedom, and later on they would begin to Force them into owing or as I was taught debt. With legal prohibitions of slavery ordered by the Emancipation Proclamation, acts of state legislature, and eventually the Thirteenth Amendment, Southern states adopted new laws to regulate Black life. This was a very serious law for the blacks it was Mean and made them seem like they weren’t people just like they did the grandfather clause and I say This wasn’t a very good matter.

This was like the grandfather clause the code is to watch the movement From theirs to the south some laws say black can’t hold guns and cant trade produce and they said this To want them back on the plantation. “The black codes were passed by the ex-confederate states after the civil war, the purpose of the Black codes were to keep freed slaves in a servitude state, to ensure cheap agricultural labor, and to Keep a white dominate position”. Yes I say they are right because through the research I found this was The one most popular it was well written it talks about cause it talks about what I said in the first Paragraph.

Example; Arkansas passed a law prohibiting colored people to Immigrate to Arkansas Another example is Texas required railroad companies to have separate cars for Black and white people And my last example is Arkansas required separate schools for white and black People, they also made a Law called the vagrancy law which meant “Any person that a law enforcement Officer or judge deemed To be unemployed and not owning property could be arrested and charged as a Vagrancy”. -History.

com Radical Republican Reconstruction efforts from 1866-1867, and passage of the Fourteenth Amendment and civil rights legislation, helped to greatly eliminate the Black codes. The Union victory in The Civil War may have given some 4 million slaves their freedom, but African Americans faced a new Onslaught of obstacles and injustices during the Reconstruction era (1865-1877). By late 1865, when the 13th Amendment officially outlawed the institution of slavery, the question of freed blacks’ status in the Postwar South was still very much unresolved.

The Freedmen’s Bureau also helped the former slaves in the workplace. It tried to make sure that The former slaves received fair wages and freely choose their employers. The bureau created special The bureau created special Courts to settle disputes between black workers and their white Employers. It could also intervene in other cases that threatened the rights of freedmen. The South Carolina code included a contract form for black “servants” who agreed to work for white masters. The Form required that the wages and the Term of service be in writing. The contract had to be witnessed And then approved by a judge.

Other Provisions of the code listed the rights and obligations of the Servant and master. Black servants had to Reside on the employer’s property, remain quiet and orderly, Work from sunup to sunset except on Sundays, and not leave the premises or receive visitors without the Master’s permission. Masters could moderately whip servants under 18 to discipline them. Whipping Older servants required a judge’s Order. Time lost due to illness would be deducted from the servant’s Wages. Servants who quit before the end date of their labor contract forfeited their wages and could be Arrested and returned to their Masters by a judge’s order.

On the other hand, the law protected black Servants from being forced to do Unreasonable tasks. This is how the 1800’s were they were very mean, cruel and they never thought about anybody But there self and I think that the black codes is just a distraction from what they really and I say that They are all people the black the whites and all the other races it just took them long enough to realize That and I say that is very poorly of them because doesn’t matter what you look like or what you wear Or what your skin color is people are people and we all need to accept that.

This is the reason why I Chose the black codes there is no other reason I chose it because people found out the truth that we are A Special in different ways and I like the way we get along to day without racism.

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