Black Berry is a Novel That Explains the Life of a Negro

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The Black the Berry is a novel that explains the life of a Negro. The author is Wallace Thurman. He connects the movie with Harlem Renaissance through the groundbreaking about the prejudgment of the black community. Light skin was favored more so that women. The story unfolds the life of Emma Lou Morgan. She is a young lady and dark skin. The novel explores the experience of Emma based on skin color discrimination. However, after some period, she adopts the means of survival and he is contented in the society.

  This article is a book review of the story The Black the Berry. The biography of the author is outlined and the errands of time that the book was drafted. The review covers the biography of the author, historical background, and an analysis of the work. Biography of the Author The author of The Black the Berry is Thurman Wallace. He was born on the 16thof August in 1902 in Salt Lake City(Wallace, 2003).

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He was raised under the care of her grandmother Emma Jackson because his mother was under constant divorce. The mother was the founder of the black church in Utah. He went out at a tender age and lived in many places like Idaho, Chicago, Illinois, and Omaha. Later, he went back to Salt Lake when he was twelve years. Thurman was a sickling boy to the extent he was constantly out of the class. His health improved and he completed his studies at the University of South California.

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In 1925, Thurman changes his station to Harlem, New York.

While in New York he spent his life as an auditor and was contributing much to the field of journalism. One year later he was employed as an editor of The Messenger which targeted African-Americans. He also contributed to strengthening the African American artists. Therefore, he called a meeting in his home in Harlem in his apartment where he met with the African American journalists and artists.  He got married to Louise Thompson on the 22nd LightthanAugust in 1928. Despite the short duration that the marriage took, they had one child. He has closeted as a criminal when his wife went.  Thurman died at the age of 32 years. The cause of their death was ruled as tuberculosis but he had never shown any sign and symptom of such a disease ever since a baby. The historical background of the book The Blacker the Berry is one of the foundation’s books that assisted in fighting off the racial decimation in American society.  The Novel Negro dwells much in racism because it took control of the body. The book was written in the year 1929. During the time that Wallace was writing the book, racism had taken the order in the United States. The dark Skin complexion was regarded as bard more especially to the ladies. The issue of skin color and prejudice against the blackthe was the practice in American society.

Summary of the Story Book

The story depicts an African-American woman who is having dark skin. She is born and raised in Boise Idaho (Thurman, 2008). The name is Emma Lou Morgan. She is one of the darkest in her family yet the other is light skin. The skin pigment she inherited from his father who had parted ways with her mother soon as she was born.  The family had pushed her to bleach her skin because they believed that the skin would reduce her chances of getting married. However, the use of the creams from the local shops fails to create the expected outcome the skin color pigment remains the same.  Emma’s mother tells her that only dark boys can get along with ladies. However, dark ladies are in trouble. She is so conspicuous in the graduation gowns because of her unique complexion. This makes her embarrassed. The uncle advises her to go to study at the University of South California where there is and prejudicedSocietyprobability in meeting dark people. On the other hand, she tells her to do education so that it would be easier for her to go to the south to reach a place where the number of blacks was high.  The uncle tells her that their small town of Boise is stupid prejudice against the black people which would make it difficult to get along with them. Upon arrival at the University of South California, she meets one lady who has the same skin color as hers. The lady is called Hazel Mason. They only talk about the day of admission and never become friends based on the class differences. She meets Weldon Taylor at a picnic in Boise. She thinks that at that time she is making love and yet this is one man who moves from town to town while looking for a job. Therefore, the relationship never works. Emma blames the skin color. She embarks on his school work and moves to New York to find a job and gets a better life.Analysis The story is one of the interesting items that depict what happens in society. The book was drafted to indicate the stigma that the black ladies were undergoing in the United States.  The security of belonging becomes one of the most difficult things for the African American lady. The society societothertimesociety other does not like Emma because of her skin color.

Additionally, when she meets the black people at the University of South California, she is rejected based on her humble background. From the statements, one would notice that the level of racism is high in the society. The African Americans ladies find it difficult in getting along with other. That is the reason the reason as to why they bleach their skin because the light skin was somehow considered.  On the other hand, the author drafted and produced the book at the timea when the rate of Racism was the order of the day. Therefore, he had the intention of opening the eyes of both black and whites in the United States to accept each other as members of the same state. Wallace expresses the supremacy of the white over the blacks. The mother of Emma tries to bleach the skin pigment of the daughter. Generally, the blacks are facing a hard life. The work translates to the society because the writer using the art addresses the issues that affect them in the community based on racism. Therefore, pinpointing the matters that require reforms through novels to create people learn to leave in their birth harmony.

Relationship with what we have learned in class

The novel and whatever we have learned from class are intertwined. The history of the United States in the 18thand 19thcenturies indicates that the people of the United States were in a battle of racism. The northern American people did not support slavery and did not want the blacks on their land. However, the southern people who were farmers required the slaves to serve as laborers. Once the African Americans were freed from slavery, the Americans did not like them anymore. Most of them had acquired citizenship through births and themtheirofto numbers increased. Therefore, what was left was discrimination. The African Americans are given the freedom to education and white color jobs. However, the white now make them feel inferior. The drilling that black skin color is bad to an extent that one gets into bleaching the skin complexion is one of the indirect controls of people.

Reasons for choosing the book

The novel has a good connection To what takes place in society. The racial discrimination had not ended in the community. In as much as the book was written many decades ago, the practices that are described in the book are still practiced contemporary society. For example, most of the people who are black buy creams to fade the skin complexion because they do not have confidence in the dark color. Therefore, the book is still of relevance to the current state of basedrelevantsociety. Opinion on the work Based on personal opinion, one would argue that the book is still a relevant book because it encourages community cohesion and integration. The book describes the societyatheirsocietythat thrives on racial discrimination.  After pointing out the issues it is critical for the members of the community to make a rational decision so that the community can blend with no issues.


In a nutshell, this article was a book review by The Black the Berry.The book was written in 1929 by Wallace Thurman. He was doing so to fight and end racism in the society in the 20thcentury. However, in the twenty-first century, the trac of racism can still be noticed. The story also indicates social stratification in the community. The gap between the rich and the poor should close so that the community should remain intact.

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