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BJB Manufacturing Company

Instructor namePart II: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Theory The organizational direction leads way to research and note that Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 point plan for management. Deming’s theory for management has significantly improved the effectiveness and lives of many individuals through the focus of quality and improvement especially in the workforce of organizations around the world. His theory allows for organizations and its employees to plan better for the future and improve their processes, services, products, and relationships. Deming’s philosophy also institutes cooperation and processes for continual improvement in systems and communication. His 14-points for management focused on understanding implementation and change management to increased quality. It represented solutions to problems encountered by companies. BJB Manufacturing Company use of this theory includes suppliers, management, employees, and customers input for continued process improvement.

Suggested Quality Theory for BJB Manufacturing Company

Deming’s 4 points for management theory does provide steps that ensure great quality. His theory transforms the manner in which managers conduct his or her jobs from a production standpoint and helps leaders to stay focused on the methods of improving the production system. The point is to have them avoid focusing on one area of the process. Deming’s theory also stresses that manufacturing is a system and that the supplier and customer are an important part of the quality system. When there is consistent feedback from the customers, it helps with the improvement of the services and products. The theory recommends steady improvement of individuals within the system, and the communication that goes on between them.

Deming’s 14 Points-Customer-Driven and Process-Driven Quality Requirements Deming’s 14 points for management are applicable in customer-driven and process-driven quality management. Customers are the stakeholders and BJB Manufacturing Company cannot live without them. It is important for organizational management, employees, and supervisors to look at things through the customers viewpoint of quality and how the company employs quality management throughout the business. When understanding the customer’s viewpoint of quality that is provided, it allows the company to implement the actions that must be taken to improve the quality, service, and manufacturing, and further refine the path to success (Foster, 2007). Companies in the manufacturing industry need to ensure that the products go beyond the demand of the customer’s, the value, supply, quality, and satisfaction.

BJB Manufacturing Company will achieve this goal by employing cross-functional levels of excellence throughout the organization. The organization will ensure that the materials being used to produce the products are of the highest quality while conducting quality control checks prior to shipment. The organization must empower employees to identify concerns of quality in production of the compact disc changers and work to eliminate the barrier of fear in the company in order to improve the quality. Once the fear is eliminated and the company has established effective communication between the management and employees, the company can improve the production and services and be on a good path toward increased productivity which will exceed customer expectations.

Deming’s 14 points for management are key to ensure good quality. Part II of the quality management focuses on instituting a climate of leadership, providing employees with the tools they need in order to succeed, breaking down barriers to production, and inspiring employees which can produce a transitional climate capable of success. Deming’s 14 points theory of management can apply to small and large organizations, the service industry, and manufacturing. They equally apply to any division within a company and to its suppliers (Deming’s 14 Points, 2011).

Part III: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Implementation Strategy BJB Manufacturing Company’s quest to develop a systematic process to exceed customer needs and expectation requires an implementation strategy that the whole organization can engage in a continued improvement process. This strategy to influence customer satisfaction must address quality management issues within the manufacturing process and determine an effective means to provide focus across all aspects of the business. This effort of deploying the quality management initiative requires application across every business sectors and functions of the organization.

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