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Bizumic’s work

Mladen Bizumic was born in Yugoslavia and is considered as a promising multi-disciplinary mix media artist. Receiving art education from the University of Auckland, he has had a number of successful exhibits in Australia, the most recent of which with the Sue Crockford Gallery in Auckland (“Mladen Bizumic”, 2009). In his 2007 exhibit in the Physics Room Gallery, Bizumic presents cinematic hybrids from the Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 film Weekened in conjunction with The Rolling Stones’ song Under My Thumb.

The juxtaposition of the two works provided insights on the conceptualization of progressive society and how the changing social standards can impact the relationship of an individual with tohers and the space of their context or existence. In the his show for the Sue Crockfrod Gallery, Bizumic’s work shows greater incorporation of space which can be challenging viewers to experience the artist’s work as an element of the said space.

However, this is not to imply that the artist has limited traditional visual or aesthetic appeal, in fact the Bizumic’s work can be an effective transition towards more modern art styles. His work are studies in the relationships of “subjectivity and representation, physical locations and psychological states, notions of memory and the experience of displacement” (“Mladen Bizumic”, 2007, para 1). There is a realization of the power of media and technology in Bizumic’s work and how it has become as a medium of expression.

Viewing Bizumic’s work, viewers are being engaged and are challenged to make realization about regarding unconscious elements of human production and imagination. More than anything else, what is most appealing as well as promising about Bizumic’s work is that though it is distinctly forward, it does not rely on shock and awe to establish it modernistic identity but really positive represents a good example of what the new crop of artists has to offer.

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