Birthing Choices: Pros and Cons Essay

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Birthing Choices: Pros and Cons

1. To have Caesarean section? Many mothers struggle with this choice. There are several schools of thought—both in favor and against a mother having a c-section. The pros for having a c-section are: a Caesarean section is planned, and it prevents vaginal tearing. Large babies and multiple babies can often cause ghastly and excruciating vaginal tearing. A c-section prevents such tearing. The cons are: c-sections put the mother at a higher risk of infection after the child is born, and women who have a c-section have longer hospital stays and experience more post-partum pain.

2. Whether or not to give birth in a hospital? Thirty years ago nearly everyone gave birth in a hospital. Today, many give birth outside the hospital in hot-tubs. Though it sounds strange, giving birth outside the hospital has its pros. They are: the water relaxes the mother, and the water helps the mother move more easily to change positions. But, the cons are: it is very expensive to have a doctor brought to ones house, and if there are complications during or after birth, the mother is not near a hospital.

3. Whether or not to use pain medication? This may sound insane, but many mothers deliver their babies without pain medication. The pros are: your body does not experience the harmful effects of the synthetic, toxic pain killers, and the mother will be less likely to hurt herself severely during labor because her body will not be numb. The cons are more obvious: the mother will be in excruciating pain, and the mother may do something to harm herself or the baby during pregnancy as a result of this pain.

Choices after delivery

4. Whether or not to breast feed? Breast feeding has some pros and cons. The pros are: it helps the mother lose weight, and it creates a special bond between the mother and child. The cons are: it is time consuming and fatiguing to the mother. 5. Whether or not to return home early? Returning home early from the hospital has its pros and cons. The pros are: the mother feels more comfortable when returning home, and the home environment should container fewer germs than the hospital.

The cons are: the mother and child are away from a doctor’s care, and the mother may not be as careful in her own home. 6. Whether or not to vaccinate the child? There are both pros and cons in vaccinating your child at a young age. The pros are: you make certain your child is immune to dangerous diseases, and the child will not be prevented from going to school. The cons are: the child may catch one of the diseases which they are attempting to become immune to it, and it is painful and traumatic for the infant.

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