Birthday Planning Essay

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Birthday Planning

The evaluation begins with a feedback from the guests. Jerry and his close friends and family were asked to give their opinions about the party and what they felt was missing or needed. The guests, especially the birthday boy himself, had a great time. Since, the old Western theme was Jerry’s favorite; the party was a big surprise for him. He loved the whole setup, including the food, the decorations, the outfits and the dance performances.

The guests and the close friends who helped organizing the event said that they had a wonderful time making it happen and had a lot of fun being creative because it was for their good friend and because the whole concept was very exciting. Let’s take a closer look at the whole process. Research The concept of the party is a very popular one, which is always enjoyed by people of all ages and communities. The old Western culture has an energetic and enthusiastic feel to it that adults as well as children enjoy equally. Since it was Jerry’s favorite, it was an even better choice. The bar was a perfect location since its Jerry’s 21-st birthday.

Also, the bar is the perfect venue for a western themed party. The image of an old western salon has always been a trademark. Design The choice of location, venue, day, decorations and food were all perfect. All the arrangements done were adequate. The arrangement for designated drivers responsible for transportation was a necessary requirement. As far as the decorations of the bar are concerned, it’s right that not much new can be done about a western theme, but a more modern theme could have been adopted as well with the same old western touch. Kind of like the new dodge challenger; new with a retro feel.

That was just an alternative but nothing can match the old original theme. Another thing concerning the under-age guests; they were taken to the house where they could get involved in non-drinking activities. It would have been a good idea if there was an arrangement to show an old western movie for these guests. An option could have been the famous “the good, the bad and the ugly”. It could even be shown at the bar but the dance performance was a more traditional form of entertainment. Planning The planning done was very efficient. As for the food, it was traditional western style but care should have been taken for vegetarian guests.

Maybe add a few vegetarian dishes to the menu. The venue was perfectly chosen and the idea of a predefined budget was a smart one. Since Jerry was to be surprised, there would/could have been a cowboy hat for him, a belt with a couple of prop pistols and some boots. This is because obviously he wouldn’t be dressed like a cowboy. Coordination The check list of the items needed and involved should have multiple copies so that there is no confusion. Also, the whole process was carried out in an organized manner. This made sure everything runs smoothly without any delays and ensured that the surprise is not spoiled for Jerry.

It was a good thing that the whole team focused on the fact that it was Jerry’ 21st. this gave added motivation to make a special one and was of great help in deciding on food and drinks. The emcee and the assistant to the emcee would keep the event going, and ensure that there are no kinks in the final product. The whole event was a very enjoyable one. Everyone had a great time, especially Jerry. Of course, credit goes to his girlfriend for the idea and making it happen. There were no negative points about it but things could be improved only a little bit as mentioned above with the movie for the kids. The party was very well managed.

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