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Birth Control: Issue Proposal Essay

Categories: Birth Control

Should birth control be merely a right that women hold to choose for their health and life decisions. The concept of contraceptive is misunderstood not only is it used for preventive health care against fertilization of eggs, also being used for much different health issues women would like to suitably fix. Such as, regulation of period flow, decreasing of cycle cramps, prevention of cysts in ovaries and breast, iron deficiency, and ovarian cancer. There is more used to birth control than just adding to the long list of ways to prevent children, that right is being taken away by politicians and President Trump’s team on laws making it harder for women to access birth control interfering with the human rights of all girls health care decisions.

Trump and his administration team are taking over the Affordable Care Act changing the access that millions have benefited from affording to birth control. Due to Trumps interference with the access to contraceptives in New York which would further cause a decrease in payment options as well as help to afford the preventive health care declines women’s rights their access to healthcare options.

As Trumps team takes away this act that helps millions of women afford their birth control deciding the right to health care coverage subjected to the fear of losing that health insurance for the necessity or rightful decision to gain access to contraceptives, as the attorney general states, how the Affordable Care act saved women over 1 billion dollars for millions in New York (qtd.

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In NYS Attorney General). Assisting women their right for easy access to health care. Trump’s administration decisions on women’s rights to declare whether they want birth control, and at an affordable price. Trump is dictating the decisions women should rightfully make themselves, however, by him not only taking away their healthcare choices and their right to decide on birth control is unlawful, such as Schneiderman stated, taking away the right women have to fairly choose what healthcare they want for themselves is unconstitutional (NYS Attorney General). Changing how the Affordable Care act’s requirements and rules that rightfully supports the human rights of healthcare for millions of women wrongfully decreasing access to healthcare as well as making women’s decision for their health stripes them of their freedom changing the meaning of America being the land of the free for only men but discriminating women’s rights for contraceptives. Although most preventive health care cost insurance companies thousands of dollars each year, that should not be a reason to reject the Affordable Care act from women’s reach.

Based on the affect’s women will have losing their right to affordable birth control, they will not just be losing the effects of non-fertilization or regulation of periods. Also losing their healthcare, contraceptives go much deeper into women’s health for preventing many dangerous or possibly fatal issues as well as helping to subside pain and inflammation due to some of those ovarian complications.

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