Birth Control Essay

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Birth Control

Birth control is a way or method used to prevent pregnancy. There are different kinds of methods of birth control that can be used by man and woman. All of these methods have positive effects or sides.

The pros of birth control are the following: (1) lessen the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (“Pros and Cons of Different Contraceptive Methods “); (2) it is helpful in preventing pregnancy, but the degree of the effectiveness of the birth control method depends on the type of method that is being used by the couple (“Pros and Cons of Different Contraceptive Methods “); (3) allows active participation of men in the prevention of pregnancy (when using condom or withdrawal method) (“Pros and Cons of Different Contraceptive Methods “); (4) it helps regulate the menstrual cycle of a woman; (5) it lessens the pain and difficulty of having a menstruation (“Pros and Cons of Different Contraceptive Methods “); (6) prevents or lessen the possibility of having uterine and ovarian cancer, anemia, ovarian cyst and pelvic inflammatory disease (“Pros and Cons of Different Contraceptive Methods “). There are also some other pros of birth control method but it depends on the method that the couple is using (“Birth Control Pill Faq: Benefits, Risks and Choices”). There are many types of birth control.

The following are the types of birth control that is being used: (a) male condoms which are also called as barrier because it blocks the sperm cells from getting near or into the egg cells; (b) oral contraceptives or birth control pills prevent the ovary from releasing eggs; (c) female condom is also called as a barrier because it prevents or blocks the sperm cells from reaching the egg cells; (d) Depo-Provera hormonal injections is a type of birth control that uses hormone progestin. Continuous injection of this for more than two years has an adverse effect on woman; (e) spermicides; (f) contraceptive sponges is also a barrier type of birth control. Although using this type of birth control would still have a risk of having a toxic syndrome. Woman that are very sensitive to spermicide nonoxynol-9 are not encourage to use this type of method; (g) diaphragm and cervical caps also blocks the sperm cells going inside the cervix.

This type of method needs the assistance of the doctor for proper usage and fitting of the cervical cap or diaphragm; (h) intra – uterine devices is used and placed inside the uterus to prevent the sperm cells from entering it and reaching the egg cells; (i) surgical sterilization or tubal ligation is a permanent birth control that needs a surgical process; (j) periodic abstinence or natural family planning. In this type of birth control, the woman should have the knowledge about the fertility process so that this method would be successful (“Birth Control Methods “). There are some mild health risks related to the use of birth control methods.

But there is also one severe health risk when using birth control method such as pills for a longer period of time like cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, cardiovascular accident or stroke, high blood pressure and other cardio related diseases (“Birth Control Methods”). Both man and woman are responsible in birth control planning. They have an active participation in the birth control method. Although their physician would prescribe a pill or appropriate birth control method, still the couple would be responsible to the possible outcome of that method. They are the one who can observe to the negative or positive effect of that particular method. When a serious or life threatening situation or death happens, the couple is more reliable than their physician.

In choosing birth control method, couples or person that is going to use it must consider if (1) it will affect your health like if they have history of breast cancer, have high blood pressure, has low density of the bone, diabetes, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and heart disease; (2) those possible side effects of the method; (3) frequency of having sexual intercourse; (4) the benefits that the method can give; (5) the quality of that certain drug or method in birth control; and (6) the possible outcome if ever the couple decided to have a child (“Birth Control Guide”). Shop Lifting Shop lifting is very common especially on malls and convenient stores. People shop lift because they need that particular thing or that they can’t afford to buy the things they wanted to (“Teenagers Shop Lifting”).

Some shop lifters that has the money to buy things thinks that shop lifting gives them the adrenalin rush or thrill that cannot be caught, they think that what they have stolen is not important and they also think that they are not stealing because the owner or the store can afford to buy that again or the store is insured (“Teenagers Shop Lifting”). In some cases, people shop lifts especially students because of peer pressure. Shop lifters always carry a small bag or large jacket with a large pocket or umbrella (“Preventing Shoplifting”). Those things can be use to shop lift. Store management or staff should also be aware and alarm when a person puts down their bag because they may place the thing they get simply by dropping it into the bag (“Preventing Shoplifting”). There are also times that shop lifters are into a group (“Preventing Shoplifting”).

Some of them will distract the attention of the staff while the others do the crime. Shop lifters can be seen mostly in malls that are crowded and convenient stores. The similarities of these two places are that they have a big space and do not have enough staff that would assist and guard the clients or buyers. Those shop lifters know that in places were there’s enough employee to assist and guard them, they won’t be able to the deed because there’s a big chance of getting caught while in malls and convenient store, they can easily place the things they get and hide it in their bags or clothes without being notice by the employees. Shop lifting is a crime that can be categorize as light.

In some states, the fine depends on the amount that the shop lifter stolen while the jail time depends on the repetition of the incident (Zukowski). The penalty or fine ranges from 40 to 1000 dollars and the jail time is only 30 days up to 6 months (Zukowski). The society and justice system give the offenders a second chance to correct their action. If they are going to repeat their action, they will be punished again with a higher penalty and possible longer jail time. Compiling an Annotated Bibliography ? “Birth Control Guide” Ed. US Department of Health and Human Services: FDA Consumer Magazine, 2003. This article focuses on different approved birth control methods.

It also provides information about the different types of birth control method and also the severe health risk that may be obtain from the prolonged use of contraceptive pills. ? “Birth Control Methods”. 2005. Planned Parenthood of Connecticut. June 27 2007. http://www. ppct. org/medical/services/bc_method. shtml. This article talks about different birth control methods. It also provides knowledge about pros and cons of different types of birth control method especially tubal sterilization. ? “Birth Control Methods” Ed. Us Department of Health and Human Services: National Women’s Health Information Center, 2005. This article provides birth control methods that can be use.

It also provides knowledge on what they should take into consider when choosing a birth control method. ? “Teenage Shop Lifting”. 2006. Indian child. com June 26 2007. http://www. indianchild. com/parenting/teenagers/teenagers_shop_lifting. htm. The article provides the reasons why teenagers try to steal and ways to handle and persuade them. ? “Birth Control”. 2007. Cool Nurse. June 25 2007. http://www. coolnurse. com/birthcontrol. htm. The article tackles about having safe sex with the use of birth control methods. This provides idea or knowledge about the effectives of each method and the reasons why it is not recommended for teenagers. ? “Preventing Shoplifting. ” Namibian Police 2007.

The Namibian Police Force carries out their duty by informing the public of the different crimes and ways how to handle that situation. They encourage the public to have an active participation in fighting the crime to maintain the peace and order in their place. ? “Birth Control Pill Faq: Benefits, Risks and Choices”. 2007. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. June 25 2007. <http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/birth-control-pill/WO00098>. The staff focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of taking contraceptive pills. The staff also discusses other contributing factors that make birth control pills unsafe to use than any other birth control methods.

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