Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Bipolar Disorder

I chose Bipolar Disorder and the history of bipolar it is a disease that is founded conceptualized, and it was by Kremlin, and it was at least more than 100 years ago. And back in history the unipolar it was a depression and it was bad blood, and it was call black bile so in the 19 century the illness it was in terms of biphasic illness. And people will have their ups and downs the ones that do have major bipolar disorder. So major depression it is higher in families that do have a history of a mood disorder. And the myths of this bipolar disorder it’s a mental disorder, and it is mood shifts, and this is also depression, and this does cause the person ability to function and the person energy to be slow. Their mood swings can come when you do expect it you ca be ok one minute and then all of sudden you are not because of the mood swings. Here are some myth and it is bipolar disorder it is a very rare condition and the bipolar it is mood swings. So the misconception of the bipolar is that it is not a real illness, and it is so easy for you to absorb the bipolar misconceptions but it is crucial to learn the facts. Also, the bipolar disorder it is a very highly treatable ant so it cyclical and the genetic illness it can be very well controlled but also in the same vein as the chronic illness. The treatment for the bipolar it is to make sure that the person function as well as they can between the episodes and make sure that they do treat to reduce severity acute episodes of this mania depression when it does happen to the person. And there are treatments like mood stabilizers and sleep aids and also social supportive care. Also, the Doctor he will see what may have triggered the attack. Also, the bipolar disorder it is a recurrent of the diseases it is unpredictable. There are other treatments for the bipolar disorder, and it is electroconvulsive therapy and there is pharmacotherapy.

Some patients they cannot do the electroconvulsive therapy so they do put them on drugs that will help them. Also, back in the (1930) they could not do this test because it was consider as a shock block but now it is safe for them to do the test. Because over the past years it has become very safe for them. Also, bipolar disorder the treated with the drug call lithium, and this is the main first drug that they do use on bipolar patients. The signs and symptoms of the bipolar disorder there are the seasonal changes in mood because some they do have bipolar disorder but their moods does change with the seasons. And then there are the signs of racing thoughts like they are full of ideas, but the symptom it can present in an irregular speech pattern. Then there are the feelings of guilt because if they are depressed then they may feel guilt about how their condition is. And they may feel so bad because of the pressure that they have put on their love ones and also their emotion toward their love ones. And there are symptoms of poor concentration and poor judgment. Also, they can have both symptoms of the depression and the mania, and they can happen at the same time, so this call— mixed state. The diagnosis it is medical evaluation and psychometric testing. That way they can find out how bad their disorder may be. Because the patient can be very suicide also the type of professionals that are involved they are a psychiatrist and they do have a medical degree in this area So they can diagnosis but they do need to be seen by the psychiatrist for the bipolar disorder so that the Doctor can see what drug will best for them.

Also, a psychiatrist some they do not give medication and some they will give them therapy just like a social worker would do. The one that is the best for bipolar it is cognitive behavioral therapy, and it does work very well for the bipolar patients. The diagnosis also for the type one is if the patient does have one manic episode but do not have a history of major depression. There are different types of bipolar disorder like bipolar one and bipolar two disorders. But it does depend on how bad the mood swings does occur. Because some mood swings, they can be classified as mixed because their mood swings does not last long so this is why it is call mixed. But for all types of this disorder they do sufferer experiences and significant problems their functioning in school and work. Some they may be put in the hospital because of psychotic symptoms because they may have the delusion or maybe have hallucinations. And if you do not get your bipolar took care of it can cause solemn problems like financial crisis. Some of the risk factors that the bipolar they are that the bipolar disorder it is not hereditary but the bipolar and schizophrenia they have a lot in common. And the two they do share a lot if the same risk genes so they both do have some of the genetic factors which are unique. And stress it can also cause the bipolar. So they need to try to not get stress do not let anyone stress them get away from it.

The effects of neurotransmitters are that they are the same as mania and depression. The nerve cells they do produce the neurotransmitters it like chemicals that do move like lighting from one cell to another, and the do carry a message. And the neurotransmitter serotonin it does regulate the moods, and sleep, and their appetite and also their memory. The environment and detract if you have bipolar you are to be on anti-depressant also anti-psychotic medication. And the patient they need to be a claim and be in a supportive environment because it will make it so much better for them to recover, and their medication will work for them much better. And make sure you do not get over tire take it easy. And make sure that you do eat three meals a day that is crucial for the patient. Also, the patient does need to stay away from people that does argue all the time because it will make the patient feel bad. So they do need to stay from people that may cause their life to be difficult. And if they have a pet that will help them to, and they do need to get out and walk or maybe also jog visit their friends more than what they do because it good to be around friends.

Well for the past the bipolar disorder it is a chemical dependence, and it was addressed as a separate condition and their treatment also which was at separate facilities. But when the people was diagnosed that they had the bipolar they are referred to a mental health treatment center. And some sent to a hospital that is psychiatric because they were abusing the drugs. So today they do recognize the treatment of the bipolar disorder and substance abuse through a process that is call integrated treatment. So it is the number of treatments, and it is for different treatments strategies for the bipolar. The background of the bipolar disorder it is chemical of imbalances of the brain, and it is the key of the bipolar disorder and it is the complex of the genetic and the environment and it does have other factors also. They do have a lot of episodes of the bipolar disorder.



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