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Biopsychosocial Paper

Family Composition Steven currently lives with foster parents. There is another teen age male in the home. According Steven’s file prior to this placement he lived with his biological father, and prior to residing with his biological father Steven was placed in group homes and foster placements, having been previously been removed by CPS from his parent’s care due to substance abuse issues. Steven receives a weekly a weekly 2-hour visit with his biological mother that is supervised by an agency monitor.

According to social worker’s case notes these visit take place at a local dinner.

Steven is also eligible for weekly observed 1-hour visits with his biological father. However, social worker has written in his case notes that father can no longer make the visits with biological mother due to the fact that he now works graveyard shifts. Social worker’s quarterly report states that “the mother has had difficulty refraining from discussing inappropriate topics involving her family court case and related topics with Steven during visits.

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” Also, the mother would some times get defensive when redirected away from discussing these topics.

The social worker also wrote in the Quarterly Report that Steven appeared to enjoy visiting with his mother, and would often ask her for things that his foster parents have already said he could not have until he earned it. But the biological mother has been supporting the foster parent’s by not giving into Steven’s begging. According to the Quarterly Report Steven’s foster parents have noticed that his behavioral difficulties at home appear to coincide with his supervised visits with his biological mother.

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Household Composition According to Steven’s file he has lived in his current placement since March 2, 2007.

This home consists of the foster parents, and another teenager placed through the agency mental health program. Quarterly Report states that Steven’s foster father is the primary caregiver. Foster father has told social worker that Steven lies and manipulates the truth and then gets in trouble for this. Social worker states in his case notes that Steven does not appear to think that he is doing anything wrong. Overall, the social worker feels that Steven is comfortable in this home. According to the Quarterly report Steven’s foster father mainly works with him on talking care of his hygiene consistently.

As part of an agreement to earn extra cash, Steven is expected to bathe, brush his teeth, apply deodorant, and comb his hair daily. Developmental/Current Health There is no information about Steven’s birth or early development. According to file Steven had a physical examination on April 27, 2007 and was “diagnosed as a well adolescent”. The doctor commented that he has a history of ADHD and Depression. Steven received new glasses in May 2007. Steven also had a dentist appointment on April 26, 2007 during which he had two cavities filled.

Also according to Steven’s file, he has been prescribed psychotropic medications. These include Abilify and Ritalin. Mental Health According to file, Steven has been diagnosed with ADHD, Cognitive Disorder NOS, and Anxiety Disorder NOS. He is currently taking medications for these disorders. He presents with some of the classic ADHD symptoms such as inattention, restlessness, and impulsivity even when he is on his medication. The social worker stated that he is a “strange kid” and that he can’t or won’t look you in the eyes. He appears to lack self-esteem and self confidence.

According to quarterly report, Stevens though process is scattered, and he is mentally and emotionally younger than his chronic logical age of fourteen. Social worker writes that is Steven does not get his way, he shows frustration by pouting, excessive questioning asking why he can’t get his way, and slamming doors. According to case notes, Steven has broken his glasses, a laundry basket, a DVD player, a PlayStation, and has punched a hole in the wall. Steven seems to lack social skills. Intake notes state that he has had a history of physical aggression towards peers at school, and that he is impulsive.

Steven’s file indicated that he has been involved in a group through his WRAP services provider to help him with socialization skills, and he attends these meeting on a weekly basis. Steven also receives EMQ Wraparound services for his mental health needs. Quarterly Report states that Steven has an EMQ facilitator that coordinated these services. He receives therapy services once a week contracted through EMQ Family Services. In addition, he has two behaviorists who visit him once a week to work on behavior contracts. Steven is prescribed psychotropic medication.

His psychiatrist also works for EMQ. Because these service providers are part of EMQ Wraparound program, Steven is supported with a whole network of specialists who cater to his specific mental health needs. Sexual History According to Steven’s social worker, he is starting to become interested in girls, and likes talking to them and getting their attention. Alcohol and Substance Use History Steven has no alcohol or substance abuse history, but his father has had problems with alcohol. This is why Steven was placed in protective custody. Educational History

Steven is currently in the ninth grade at a local public high school. According to his file he has an active IEP that places him in a special day class for the emotionally disturbed (SDC/ED) children. Social worker writes that Steven can handle the class work and homework, but struggles emotionally and behaviorally during class. According to the social workers report, Steven’s last teacher noted that he has difficulty staying in his seat as well as disturbing the students in the class with his talking. According to Stevens IEP he falls within average range in reading, math, written language and oral expression.

However, he has difficulty with listening comprehension, handwriting size and spacing, organizing, maintaining focus, and handling frustration. Prevocation skills listed as areas of concern on Steven’s IEP were task completion, social skills and follows directions. Also on the IEP as area’s of need include written language. According to Steven’s IEP, he is able to write multiple paragraphs, but lacks proper writing conventions. The IEP also shows that Steven is passing all his classes with a GPA above a 3. 0. Social worker states that Steven does not want to be in special education classes because it is “not cool”.

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