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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The most famous writer of the American “Jazz age” Francis Scott Fitzgerald was brought into the world in 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. His parents were an unsuccessful businessman and a daughter of a wealthy Irish immigrant, who financially supported the family. The writer-to-be began his education at St. Paul Academy, later joining a Catholic school in New Jersey. The young Scott gained his higher education at the famous Princeton. Being far from a bright student, he devoted his time to participating in a student literary club “Triangle” instead of trying to achieve academic success. At Princeton the author wrote his first novel “The Romantic Egotist.” In 1917, Fitzgerald decided not to continue studying and started his army service. In Alabama the young lieutenant met a beautiful Zelda Sayre, who originated from a rich family. However, both Zelda and her parents did not see the prospects of her marrying Scott. In order to gain financial independence, the young writer went to New York.

In New York, dreaming of recognition, Fitzgerald brought his novel to a publishing house, where the editor paid attention to his work but required adding many improvements. Fitzgerald started working for an advertising agency, at the same time introducing improvements to the novel. His efforts were not in vain, and in 1920 the novel was published under the name “This Side of Paradise.” The protagonist goes along a path that follows the life of Fitzgerald himself: a short study at Princeton, an army service, meeting a girl he cannot marry because of his poverty. The novel brought the writer recognition and financial success, allowing him to marry Zelda.

After publishing the collections “Flappers and Philosophers” (1920), and “Tales of the Jazz Age” (1922), in 1922 the second novel by Fitzgerald “The Beautiful and Damned” was released, which made him extremely popular. The book tells about the life of a couple, and again the author turns to his own life experience. The writer is making his living by writing for magazines and newspapers and becomes one of the most highly paid writers of his time. Fitzgerald’s literary heritage includes 150 stories, but he selected only 46 of them for his four lifetime collections.

Because of the Fitzgerald’s short story, the 20’s in America were called “The age of jazz”. The newly married couple had enough money, basking in glory. The gossip columns published many articles about Scott and Zelda. The eccentric behavior of the couple became a subject for rumors. Once at the restaurant, Zelda painted peonies on napkins and made over three hundred sketches. Another time the couple rode through Manhattan on the roof of a taxi.

In 1925, at the French Riviera, Francis finished his finest novel “The Great Gatsby”, which is currently considered one of the masterpieces of American literature. “The Great Gatsby” did not gain popularity during the writer’s lifetime, and was recognized only in the 50’s. The book describes in detail the lives of the rich and the decline of morality. This was a kind of society Francis Scott Fitzgerald was living in. Reviews of critics put the book in the second place among the best English-language novels of the twentieth century. In 1926, the author created a collection of stories “All the Sad Young Men.”

Since the mid 20’s a dark period in the writer’s life begun. Alcohol, scandals and depression became his constant companions. Zelda’s situation was even worse; she started experiencing problems with her mental health. In 1934 Scott Fitzgerald published the novel “Tender is the Night”, where the main character, a psychiatrist, marries his patient from a wealthy family. They live on the banks of the Riviera, and the husband has to combine the role of a spouse with the role of a doctor. The writer worked as a scriptwriter for Hollywood and tried to earn enough money for his daughter and the treatment of his wife. In 1939, he started his last novel on Hollywood’s life, which he did not have a chance to finish. In 1940, at the age of 44, Francis Scott Fitzgerald died from a heart attack. Zelda died at a psychiatric hospital in a fire eight years later.

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  • This Side of Paradise
  • The Beautiful and Damned
  • Tender is the Night
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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