Biography of Texas Alamo Hero

Background (Early life and family connections) He was born in Logan County, Kentucky. His father is Rezin Bowie Became the largest slave owner in his locale, with about 20 slaves He grew up on a farm and was raised to be a pioneer He and his family moved to Louisiana in 1809 and bought lots of land Bowie came from a family which who committed rash actions Bowie caught and rode wild horses, rode alligators, and trapped bears As his job he floated lumber to market when he was a teenager In Catahoula Bowie and his brothers grew to manhood Has a butcher knife that he uses as defense Bowie was a good friend, but also a fierce enemy He and his family took an active part in community affairs By his brothers he was described as a “stout rather rawboned man”.

He and one of his older brothers severed in the second division. Immigration to Texas a. How did they end up in Texas? Around 1828, Bowie went to Texas after killing a man in a duel.

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moved to Texas looking for riches and adventure made a fortune cheating people into land deals and smuggling slaves needed a new beginning in a new place b. What was life like in their colony? Lots of uncertainty and turmoil Lots of battles over land and ownership. Motivation to Rebel a. Why did the Texans get frustrated with the Mexican government and/ or Santa Anna? The Mexican government had allowed U.S. families to settle in Texas and become Mexican citizens They didn’t like the new, powerful Mexican general Santa Anna The U.

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S settlers were not happy with Santa Anna and the Mexican government because they tried to force them into things they did not agree with, such as surrendering their arms There was a lot of tension between Mexico and Texas Bowie disagreed with many of the things that the Mexican government was doing that limited his opportunities. Involvement in the Revolution Stephen F. Austin placed Bowie on his staff as a colonel in the army went to the Alamo to make an important decision whether or not to blow it up He fought with the Texas army but died at the Alamo. What makes this person a hero/heroine? (This will become your closing/summary paragraph in the biography) He took a stand for Texas Very brave and was a fighter He was a very good leader Daring and courageous

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