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Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author, literary critic and editor who was born on January 19 in 1809 in Boston who was active under the first half of the 19th century. Hes’ parents were both actors, his mother named Elizabeth and father named David arnold hopkins Poe. David abandoned the family early, 1810, and his mother died only a year after in tuberculosis so he didn’t get to know his parents. He got left as an orphan separated from his siblings and though he was taken in he never got adopted.

His new family wanted him to follow in their footstep but Poe wanted to write poetry. This made him get a bad relationship with Johan Allen, his stepdad.

As he grew up he went to study at the University of Virginia where he excelled in his classes but had to leave since his gambling losses were way too high compared to his income. He had to return home due to this just to find out that his fiance had gotten engaged to someone else.

Hopeless as he was he decided to move to Boston and join the U.S army. Also there he excelled in his classes but had to leave because he didn’t do his duties well. This made him get into a quarrel with Johan and they cut ties soon after since Frances Allen, his stepmom, had died which gave him no reason left to stay. This is also where he decided to focus on writing as a full-time job.

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He started to work for literary journal, forcing him to move around a lot. This however made him create his own literary style which he, later on, got known for. As he moved around and struggled with his finance he got a break when one of his short stories won a contest in Baltimore. With this, he started to write and publish more short stories. As Poe had a very aggressive style of critisism he had a hard time with publication.

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