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Childhood-Date of birth
Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 at 9:30 AM.

Childhood-Where they were born
Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Los Angeles General Hospital.

Childhood-Where They Grew Up
Marilyn Monroe grew up in foster care and in an orphanage.

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In 1937, a family friend and her husband, Grace and Doc Goddard, took care of Marilyn for a few years. The family was deeply religious so Marilyn was not aloud to go to the movies. When she was 7 years old, she had returned to a life in the foster homes.

Childhood-Parent’s Names
Marilyn Monroe had a mother named Gladys. Her mother had been taken to a mental institute. Marilyn Monroe later had foster parents named Grace and Doc Goddard.

Childhood-Sibling’s Names
Marilyn Monroe’s siblings are Berniece Baker Miracle and Robert Kermit Baker. Berniece had died in 1984. Robert had died in 1933 when he had a kidney failure causing tuberculosis in the bone.

Childhood-What They Were Like As A Child
Marilyn Monroe experienced a disrupted, loveless childhood that included 2 years in an orphanage. She was not happy when she was a child.

Childhood-Birth Name
Marilyn Monroe’s birth name is Norma Jean Mortensen. She was later baptized as Norma Jean Baker.

Marilyn Monroe was sometimes found reading, listening to music, shopping, and dining out.

Education-Middle School
Marilyn Monroe went to Virgil Middle School in California, Los Angeles.

Education-High School
Marilyn Monroe went to Van Nuys High School. She dropped out at age 15 in order to marry her husband at age 16.

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Education-Whether or not they graduated HS
Marilyn Monroe graduated 9th grade in the year 1941. She did not stay to graduate high school.

Marilyn Monroe went to the University of California, Los Angeles.

Education-If they graduated what did they get their degree in?
Marilyn Monroe did not graduate college. She only took 2 classes.

No, Marilyn Monroe was not tutored.

No, Marilyn Monroe was not homeschooled.

Education-Where did they get their education for what they are famous for? Coach? Teacher?
Marilyn Monroe was an actor. She got her education for what she was famous for by Johnny Hyde, of the William Morris Agency.

Marilyn Monroe had a lot of relationships with a lot of people. She knew John F. Kennedy because she sang her song “Happy Birthday President.” Her first husband was James Dougherty. They lasted from 1942-1946. They got married when she was 16. He was 21. James ( AKA Jim) blamed his divorce on his Merchant Marine duties. Soon after their divorce, Marilyn Monroe had gotten married to Joe DiMaggio. They only lasted from 1954 to 1954. Joe wanted Marilyn to quit her job and become a housewife. She did not want that. After their divorce, she got married to ANOTHER man. His name was Arthur Miller. Those two were long-lasting. They lasted from 1956 to 1961. Thats 5 years. Her fist husband lasted only 2 years, and her second husband was only 1 year! They got divorced because of incompatibility. It is told that she had affairs with lots of other men. She even may have had an affair with president Kennedy!

Adulthood-How they became famous
Marilyn Monroe became famous because while she was working in a munitions factory in Burbank, California, she was discovered by photographer. Marilyn had a successful career as a model, and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in preparation for her acting career by the time her first husband had returned.

Adulthood-Things that affected their adult life
Marilyn Monroe never had met her father, who is thought to be Clark Gable. She had always tried to meet him. Every time she would try to meet her father he would shut her out. First, she tried phone calls, every time she called, the person on the other line hung up. Then she tried to see him in person. He refused to see her. That would have had to affect her life. Her mother, Gladys Mortensen, had been put in a mental institute. She never got to see her mother either. That effected her life. When she was little, she had to stay in 12 foster homes, including one orphanage. She was sexually abused and horribly abused all the time. She had a horrible childhood and it effected her adult life as well.

Marilyn Monroe had not had any children. She tried to have a child with Arthur Miller, but she miscarried 2 times. She was probably devastated because she wanted a child.

Some quotes for Marilyn Monroe are “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous and absolutely boring.” This means if you follow society’s convention in terms of appearance and normality, you will fit in, but you will also lose your individuality and uniqueness in yourself. What she is trying to say is be yourself and don’t be a follower.
Another quote is “A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.” This means that girls are smart when it comes to love. If you know something is wrong with the person you love, you get wiser and realize what is really going on. You start to believe different and don’t believe someone who lies to you.
Here is an other quote. ” We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” This means we should live while we are young, don’t stress about what is going on all the time. don’t regret what you do. Most of all, don’t fear the world around you.
“She was a girl who knew to be happy when she was sad. And that’s important-you know.” This means that you shouldn’t show sadness. Think of the good things that has happened in your life, not the sad things. The girl thought of happiness not sadness.
A good quote is, “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” This means that you shouldn’t hide behind the makeup and hair and just be who you are. You can discover who you are if you don’t hide away.

Achievements-Why are they important?
Marilyn monroe is important because she was only the third women to start her own production company and the very first women to start an independent film production company. She also was the first women to get script and director approval in her films. She gave her time and money to numerous charities including the USO, The Milk Fund, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Arthritis Foundation, The March of Dimes, and many anonymous donations to orphanages.

The awards Marilyn Monroe got are
One Golden Globe Award for Best Actress-Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy in 1960
One David di Donatello Golden Plate Award in 1958
Two Golden Globe Henrietta Award for World Film Favorites

Marilyn Monroe overcame the adversity she was born to. She overcame the neglect and abuse from foster homes, her mother being Schizophrenic, never meeting her father, she overcame all of it. She became the most recognized face in the world. She even formed her own production company.

Achievements-How did they change people’s lives?
Marilyn Monroe changed the life role for women. When she was around, the war had been going on and the women would work outside and the men would take a break. The men expected the women to stop working outside and start working in the kitchen. Marilyn Monroe showed the women how to stand up to men. She was a role model to women.

Death-Date they died
Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962.

Death-How they died
Marilyn Monroe died from barbiturate overdose. Barbiturate is any of a class of sedative and sleep-inducing drugs derived from barbituric acid.

Death-Any controversies in death?
Marilyn Monroe’s death has many different controversies. Most people think that Marilyn committed suicide. Which seems reasonable because of her past. Some people believe different things though. A few people believe it was murder by her last husband, Arthur Miller. Some people say that he was devastated with the divorce that he tried to kill her. Some people think that she couldn’t take all the things going on. She couldn’t take the past, and the present all at the same time.

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