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Biography and Personality of Augusta Ada King-Noel

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Augusta Ada King-Noel was a profound writer, mathematician, and computer programmer. “That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show (BrainyQuote, Ada Lovelace quotes) “. Ada was a writer,as her father was. She was often called The Countess of Lovelace or the Enchantress of Numbers.

Ada Lovelace was born December 10, 1815, Daughter of Lord George Gordon Byron and Lady Anne Isabella Noel Byron. Lord Byron thought that he would have a baby boy, but was upset that he now had a daughter.

Lady and Lord Byron’s relationship was not a pleasant one, thus their separation 5 weeks after Ada’s birth ( Biographies of Women Mathematicians, Ada Lovelace ) . George Byron left England and died in Greece when Ada turned eight years old. Ada was always fascinated by her father because she had never known him.

Her mother was not about to have a daughter just like her husband. Lady Byron educated Ada in the field of mathematics and the wonders of science ( Biography, Ada Lovelace Biography).

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One surprising factor in Ada’s life was that her bond with her grandmother was stronger than the one she had with her mother. Lady Byron did not care for her daughter at all, she even proceeded to call her “it”( THEFAMOUSPEOPLE, Ada Lovelace Biography).

During her childhood, Ada had measles and couldn’t walk in 1829. After two years, she walk around using her crutches. When Ada was eight years old, she often had experienced headaches that would disturb her sight. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, her tutors and teachers still taught her about math and science to keep her mind off of all her illnesses.

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In Augusta’s teen years, specifically age 17, she met Charles Babbage who was a renowned scientist and mathematician in 1833. They befriended each other and he inspired Ada to study more advanced mathematics at the University of London.

She was taught by Mary Somerville, William King, William Frend in the science and mathematics field. She wrote paper and did projects in school and also wanted to make a model on “how the brain gives rise to thoughts and nerves to feelings” (Wikipedia, Ada Lovelace). And despite her gender, she excelled in science and mathematics. Which made her mother proud, knowing her daughter would turn out nothing like her father. In nine months, Ada had translated Luigi Menabrea article about the Analytical Engine. She had to rely on her knowledge to get most of it translated and it turned out longer than the original paper.

Augusta studied and learned for quite some time before finding her soulmate, William King-Noel. They were married on July 8 1835 and had three kids: Anne Isabella, Byron and Ralph Gordon. After the birth of Anne Isabella, Ada had gotten an infection and took weeks to recover. Just as she did for Augusta, Lady Byron had gotten her three grandchildren a tutor (Wikipedia, Ada Lovelace).

People sadly don’t live forever because Augusta Ada King-Noel died of uterine cancer November 27, 1852. Ironically, Ada Lovelace died at the same age of her father, Lord Byron, at 36 year old. The cancer lasted months, which put Ada in agonizing pain. Her life was unexpectedly cut off short and she is still missed to this day.

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