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Biography About Martin Luther King Jr.

My book report was a biography about Martin Luther King Jr. The title of my book was Martin Luther King Jr, by Don Mckee. By reading this book I realized King faced hardships from growing up with segregation and knowing he had to do something. He faced obstacles which help change the course in American history.

He grew up in a secure childhood unlike many African American children. Martin was very advanced for his age he loved reading books especially ones far from his reading level.

However, Martin was very aware about how blacks and whites were segregated and he knew it was wrong. He has even said to his father, ”I’m going to fight it. There’s going to be a great revolt.” As a young boy he skipped the ninth and twelfth grades. He wrote an essay for the Washington High yearbook. Where he wrote an essay called, The Negro and the Constitution where he practically stated that, although, slaves were free they still were segregated and treated as less superior to whites.

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Martin grew up fast as a young man because of his excellent knowledge he was put into college at a very young age and he was almost timid about it. King had an A average and also won the Plafker Award as an outstanding student in 1951 and also got a $1,200 scholarship. He also began to have an interest in a young women, Coretta Scott. They met by a mutual friend over the telephone. King was already talking about marriage whilst on the first date which Coretta took interest in his boldness.

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They continued to go on dates regularly. Coretta grew up on a farm which her family owned. Believing in the difference of whites and blacks and something she couldn’t understand. She believed everyone’s citizenship was equal. As a young child she would walk five miles to get to school while she watched white children ride the bus each day. The law in Alabama would not change the law to have all races being educated all together. Coretta and Martin got married in June 18, 1953. After their wedding they went back to their studies. King had wanted to be a pastor for a mass church. He began at a part time basis at Dexter Avenue ministry. At that time the married couple agreed to move back to the south and get ready for their difficult deed.

It all happened because of one incident on a city bus which changed his life forever. The buses were segregated between black and white which was white in the front black in the back. Although, if there were too many people aboard a negro must stand for a white person to sit. If you did not follow the law you would be arrested immediately. However, Rosa Parks, am African American who refused to give her seat up because of how exhausted she was, was sent to jail with a bail of $100. Because of this happening it triggered a boycott which was 100% effective.

The boycott is the start to Martin’s new beginning. Occuring after the Rosa Parks incident when on the bus and refusing to give her seat to a white person. King made a speech during the meeting to keep the boycott going or stop. King had said, ”We are here this evening to say to those who have mistreated us for so long that we are tired…tired of being segregated and humiliated, tired of being kicked about by the brutal feet of oppression.” They have asked for bus passengers that were Negroe to be allowed to sit in any vacant seat, courteous treatment from bus drivers, and that African Americans be hired. The boycott continued because officials failed to resolve the issue. They drove cars hitched rides or even walked so they didn’t take the bus. This affected the bus line greatly. Nearly 75 percent of the passengers were Negroes. King was arrested for the first time for driving 35 in a 25 mile zone. Jail was very unnerving to King. People were rallying outside the jail he was released by the jailer with King’s signature. On November 13, the Supreme Court had affirmed the decision against bus segregation.

Martin Luther King was also put on trial because of fraud, driving without a license, and violating his probation in the traffic case. He was found not guilty for fraud. When during his hearing for driving without a license he was fined $25 and suspended twelve-month jail sentence. Although, he was found guilty for violating his probation in the traffic case. King was sentenced four months in prison. His family was preparing new court actions to get him freed. The set bail was at $2,000 which was posted immediately. As he was walking through the prison gates people were chanting, “Long Live the King! Long Live the King!”

One of the greatest speeches of all time came from Martin Luther King Jr. the speech was called ‘I Have a Dream.’ It was a hot day on August 28, 1963. One hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Over 250,000 people came to the rally in August. People came from all over to march in Washington. His speech read about Lincoln’s Proclamation that freed the slaves. The essay he wrote nineteen years prior was similar in ways. King had said that the nation was not fulfilling the promise of all men the basic rights of life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy occurred on November 22nd. King was greatly saddened by this. King was impressed by JFK’s actions so he believed that his death meant “terrible sickness” affecting the American society. Martin had a meeting with the new president who was Lyndon B. Johnson. King was impressed by his understanding of his discussion about civil rights, unemployment, and voting rights. Few months passed, hotels, motels, and restaurants had new non-segregation policies. Also, Operation Breadbasket had produced more than 750 new jobs.

There were signs of hope for Martin Luther King Jr. Racial barriers had been lowered by non-segregation at theatres and other accommodations. Every law was slowly changing for the better for the Negroes. Around Christmas time King was relaxing at his home in Atlanta and his only Christmas gift was “That we would speed up the day when racial justice and world peace are more than meaningless phrases…” Martin when through plenty of riots, boycotts, and speeches to change history for the better. He would look back to when the south was the way it was before he influenced Negroes to stand up for themselves.

Sadly on April 4th, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed. He was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the world’s leading advocate of nonviolence. Who was taken at the age of thirty-nine leaving his wife and children behind. His wife and three kids marched in Memphis that Monday in place of her husband, because “They must carry on.” His casket was taken through the streets upon an old faded-green farm wagon drawn by two scruffy brown Georgia mules. The scruffy mules symbolized the poor, the garbage workers, the oppressed, and others whose cause King had championed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book about Martin Luther King Jr. I learned many new things about this amazing man and how he contributed to history today. He forever changed American history for the better and helped me understand the courage it took to pursue such acts of going against something even though you might lose he never gave up.

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