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Biodiesel Production

Nature has left no stone unturned in endowing resources to humans. Rivers, Mountains, Desserts, Fertile land and four seasons are those elements which if possessed by the inhabitants of a country are considered as lucky.But pakistan being bestowed by those blessings that even No one cannnot imagine about that Like, Land of Thar, High and lofty Mountain ranges oil and Gas reservoirs, High and lofty mountain ranges, petroleum, extensive coal, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone and gold besides other natural resources.

Oil apart from its need, is also considered as a sign of prosperity in the whole world.With the passage of time due to scientific inventions it becomes obligatory element that without its fullfilling modern demands seems to be impossible. As though, it is the greatest source of energy for human world, and earth is the greatest underground reservoir, when it comes out we call it “Crude oil”, and then with the help of differentt scientific machines we separate it different components which include Diesel, Kerosene oil and other forms of Petrol.

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Natrure has granted all things to human beyond his uses, but due to its over and unfamiliar uses by human beings, these resources falls shortly much before their time arrives.

On the contrary, nature has blessed the humans with such rewards in the form of trees and herbs that a man can’t even imagine.There are more than 0.5 million plants on the planetry earth.Among these plants there are few of them which by utilizing gives Fuel (Diesel).

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In Pakistan the number of these plants are 25, in India 3 and 4 in America.Which consist’s of Canola,Sugar cane and Jatropha.Experts are of the opinion that we can obtain diesel from all but it will result in food Security problems.Jatropha is neither directly and nor indirectly use by humans for its food and till now all the experiments conducted to extract diesel from the seed of this plant are sucessful.

The English name of the plant is Physic nut, the scientific name is Jatropha curcus L. belong to family Euphorbiaceae.The plant is native to Mexico and Central America. But now a days for Biodiesel it’s planted through out the Globe Including Pakistan.It’s an evergreen plant of 6 meter height.It could be planted even in Deserts Because of it’s strong caapacity of bearing dryness.Its seed contsist’s of 27-40% oil from which we manufacture high quality and less expensive diesel.

Transesterification of a vegetable fat was showed as initial as 1853 by Patrick Duffy, four decades afore the first diesel engine became serviceable. Rudolf Diesel’s prime model, a single 10 ft iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base, contended on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany, on 10 August 1893 running on nothing but peanut oil. In commemoration of this event, 10 August has been affirmed “International Biodiesel Day”.In the transesterification process transesterification process a glyceride reacts with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst forming fatty acid alkyl esters and an alcohol.

But it’s astonishing that some months before in the Internationl energy conference the experts agreed upon this idea that they should adopt every substitute ways of energy. It’s very Alarming that up to no government officals have take any interst in the Biodiesel Production from Jatropha.

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