Bill of Rights Guarantees Rights for All People

In the United States, the Bill of Rights guarantees rights for all people. For examples, the people have the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, to protest, and express opinions without worrying about the government imprisoning them for criticism. Below are the three selective Bill of Rights freedoms with the benefits and drawbacks.

Freedom of Religion


  1. Freedom of Religion allows everyone to practice whatever religion they may wish to practice.
  2. Religious freedom ensures that people, regardless of their belief or nonbelief, are accorded equal rights and equal opportunity to have a voice in society.

  3. Increase in community activities by going to religious places which allows people to make friends.


  1. Accountability for one’s actions because their religion justifies their actions. Although that might not be lawfully legal.
  2. It creates mass delusion in which the religious people believe that they are right on moral grounds solely based on their religion or to what religious entity they are a part of.

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  3. Limits freethinking
  4. Limits freedom of speech

Freedom of Speech


  1. Freedom of speech protects each of us from those with power. It allows individuals to express criticism of those who are in power. There is no fear of losing personal freedom with this right because your opinion contributes to the overall conversation.
  2. When you have the freedom of speech, then the government cannot take actions in such a way that you are required to speak.
  3. Freedom of speech promotes the free exchange of ideas. There is a more significant exchange of ideas that occur between society.

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    It becomes almost impossible for those who are in power to suppress truths that they may not want to let out in the open.


  1. In the United States, there are some speech which are not protected under the Bills of right. For examples, a threat against another individual, defaming others, plagiarizing any copyrighted material, and obscene material, such as child pornography.
  2. Freedom of speech can cause people to endure verbal abuse. It creates a situation where people must endure sexist or racist verbal abuse.
  3. It is possible that freedom of speech can spread false information. After the rise of the Internet, the freedom of speech makes it easier for individuals to spread false information.

The Right to Bear Arms


  1. The right to bear arms allows for personal protection. People are permitted to own firearms for self-defense or protection whenever they are physically or offensively attacked by other people.
  2. The right to bear arms is a symbol of America’s freedom. Even if they don’t want to own a firearm, having the ability to purchase one if they change their mind is an important part of the society. It is an effective check-and-balance on the rest of society.
  3. Creation of jobs for the people, for example gun ranges and gun retailers.


  1. The right to bear arms shows an irresponsible gun behavior. There are still some people that shows a dislike for people to have guns.
  2. There is an issue of misuse if you own a gun. Unless you are a felon or live in a state where there are legal orders that can rescind your permission to own firearms, just about anyone who wants to own a gun can purchase it. Most regions do not have any kind of training that must be completed before they item can be owned. When an individual pass an FBI background check, they can purchase a gun. It could be very dangerous in the wrong hands like children and felonies.


The U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all. The government is prohibited from interfering with the practice of religion unless it conflicts with other laws. The Freedom of Religion has benefits and drawbacks like any other rights. It gives people the freedom to practice their own religions, but also it could make certain religious beliefs be done even though they may not be legal. For example, some region allows you to have more than one wife, but it is not legal in the United States. The concept behind the freedom of speech is that you should be able to express anything in a way that does not create legal consequences for you. The freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment, the first amendment does not protect all types of speech. Many people think that they are protected by the court but that is not true all the time. The Right to Bear Arms has become a controversial section under the Bill of Rights that concerns the enforcement or prevention of acts that restricts people from keeping gun possession or complete a ban from owning one.

Although you have the right to bear arms, there are lots of federal laws that prohibit the ownership of guns and other firearms like fully automatic weapons. Since the belief of one individual to another is different, we must understand why some of us desire to carry weapons while others do not. Whether you are in favor of carrying weapons or not, you should determine its influence on your society. There are still drawbacks, like misuse of the weapons. For example, a gun can even be dangerous to older people, which is often observed if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even those who are known to be responsible can make the mistake of using a firearm when intoxicated.

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