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Bill Gates

One man with a vision dared all odds to realize his dream of having every abode equipped with a personal computer. It was rather an ambitious dream, but he did his best and soon enough success came knocking on his door. The most important developments in the history of the computer industry happened because of that one man and his vision. His story seems to tell people to dare to dream and work as hard to realize it. William Henry “Bill” Gates III chairs the world leader in software development, solutions as well as and services company known as the Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Corporation NP).

This company has assisted individuals as well as industries around the world to recognize their fullest potentials. Bill Gates was born on the 28th day of October in the year 1955. He is the son of Mary and William Gates II. His father is an attorney while his mom was a teacher. Bill has two sisters. The young Bill together with his sisters was raised in Seattle (Microsoft Corporation NP). Born to a rich family, Gates went to the most expensive schools in the United States. For his elementary education, he went to both public as well as private schools.

During these years, he came to develop an interest in the software industry. He started doing computer programming as young as 13 years of age (Microsoft Corporation NP). Gates also went to Harvard University in the year 1973 (Microsoft Corporation NP). In his stint at Harvard, he developed his version of the BASIC programming language. He did this for the microcomputer, otherwise known as the MITS Altair (Microsoft Corporation NP). He left Harvard while he was on his third year. His reason for leaving school is to concentrate on the company he started with good friend, Paul Allen.

The year was 1975 when what was to become the largest software developing company was initially started, then manned by just two people, Bill and Allen (Microsoft Corporation NP). The two started developing software for PCs led by the conviction that the computer would likely become an indispensable tool at the offices as well as for every household. Gates’ hope as well as his dream for personal computing have as it has always been vital to the success of his company and as well as to the rest of the industry. Under his guidance, the company’s mission is to constantly progress as well as develop software technology.

It also aims to make it simpler, more cost efficient, as well as more pleasing for its users. Gates became famous the world over, largely due to the sensational success of the company he started. He delivered an interesting insight on the way personal computers will further revolutionize the lives of people in the future. He also shared the way the information superhighway will constantly progress. Gates, being the positive and passionate guy that he is will certainly play a huge role in the future of computers. In the advent of sophisticated computer technology, Gates sees the future were paper work will eventually be minimized.

He sees it as something where educators will teach their students with the aid of computers primarily. It would be a world where meetings can happen at any given day, at any given time without the need to travel long distances. It would be a world where residences can well recognize it owners’ distinctively like man ever though possible. Nowadays, Gates’ idea that PCs would be a huge industry as well as his constantly logical vision, are essential to his business as well as to the rest of the industry. The moment he and his business partner started out their business, they came to know the basics as they progressed (Gates 5).

On the first day of January in the year 1994, Bill wed Melinda French (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation NP. While his philanthropic ways were essential to the billionaire, together with his wife, they started what came to be known as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The couple believes in the equality of life for every human being. From the time it started in the year 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation help to minimize the inequalities that exist in their own country as well as the world over (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation NP). As of the first month of the year 2005, over $28.

8 billion was allotted to aid the philanthropic efforts of the couple particular concerning worldwide health and education (Microsoft Corporation NP). They hope that developments in these fields will be made accessible to those in need in the 21st century. The foundation has devoted over $3. 6 billion to institutions involved in worldwide health care. It has allotted over $2 billion to develop education opportunities, together with the Gates Library Initiative to give PCs, access to the information superhighway as well as education to public libraries in poor neighborhoods in their country and even in Canada.

Over $477 million was committed to neighborhood missions at the Pacific Northwest. Over $488 million was fixed for special missions as well as yearly giving drives of the foundation (Microsoft Corporation NP). The company declared a transition process on the 15 day of June in the year 2006. Such process took effect on July 2008. It has the company’s chairman out of his daily task in order to devote much of his time for his worldwide education and health initiatives through the foundation (Microsoft Corporation NP).

After such time, Gates will still act as the chairman as well as a consultant particularly on the company’s key advancement programs. Such transition was done in order to guarantee the efficient as well as systematic turnover of responsibilities in the company. For a hundred years since the time of Rockefeller, Ford as well as Carnegie, the foundation eventually became the richest endowment ever to exist. Its first endowment sponsored the company associated products in training as well as public libraries in the country.

Still, others claim that it was his wife’s influence that caused the foundation to take a new direction to be the biggest sole private resource of investment for study into AIDS, vaccine as well as malnutrition. As a result, the efforts garnered several recognitions (New Internationalist 1). Gates envisions significant developments in the computer industry in the years to come. He pictures software that is capable of interacting with people at a more personal level by means of identifying voices, features as well as hand gestures.

Armed with inexpensive digital cameras, PCs will soon have vision (Hart NP). He pictures interactive tablet computes taking the place of books as well as notebooks in institutions. Pupils will draft the whole lot of the things they must have on their tablet computers and transcribe all straight to screen for storage. Gates foretells that for a great number of institutions, the price of new PCs will not fall as low to be a practical option to conventional book for two to fours years from now (Hart NP). Software will modify more things in the future than it has ever done before.

Gates remarked the manner in which the development of software and ever more influential microprocessors, together with the information superhighway has affected individual as well as industrial computing. Moreover, he mentioned about the way it altered the world of photography as well as the music industry. For the most part, things will leave the desktop and will be completed in the cloud of the information superhighway. Large amounts of data, take for example, the Visual Earth developed by the company will build more logic being shared over cyberspace than downloaded on the personal computer (Kash NP).

The answer to upcoming software advancement is to build the architecture that allows users to handle information as well as applications in a diversified environment making the most of both local as well as the cyber realms. The major transformation approaching is innovative means of relating with devices. At the same time as the aid of both keyboards and mouse is here to stay, innovative potentials in terms of speech recognition, citing for example may turn mobile devices into an even more powerful tool for communication.

He also depicted the manner the three dimensional computing, collaboration devices as well as robotics are offering new stages for output that will constantly modify the cyberspace industry. Lastly, he imparted his remarks in dropping by institutions regarding the way software is turning out to be an ever more vital element in the development of the sciences, particularly in astronomy as well as biology, giving new opportunities for the development of the software industry. Gates impatiently waits for the time when the administration of any state can get rid of paper from their systems of justice as well as medical records.

Since this particular market does not concern similar aggressive issues that it was usually to be anticipated that it would take a little more time for it to progress into new advances and still the chance for competence, visibility of data as well as doing away with forms is still rather great. He believes that the growing accessibility of sophisticated visual representations will advance the development of online advertising as well as the information superhighway will ever more afford the best stage for some of the most elaborate as well as targeted innovative advertising efforts.

For the twenty five year that has passed since Gates first encountered the programming language known as BASIC and when he learned the about the GE machine, he has changed the computer industry in a remarkable way. The advent of Microsoft Windows, the mouse as well as MS – DOS brought it down to a more personalized plane. His goal of having every home equipped with a personal computer is happening. His visions have fashioned extremely aggressive software as well as hardware computing industries. This man has certainly caused a great impact on the way people processes available data.

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