Bill Clinton Sells Essay

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Bill Clinton Sells

Communication is a transfer of information from a person to another person or a group of people. The communication process is a when information is channeled from a source to a receiver. The information is the message sent by a source through a certain channel for an intended receiver. There are a lot of instances that communication occurs. When we talk with other people, when we do body languages, and even when we stare someone in the eye, we communicate. A very common form of information is through verbal exchange, or the use of words.

This can be seen in situations involving one person talking to another, or one person talking to a number of people. The latter is the form of communication which addresses a greater audience, and is evident in public speeches. It is a good way to disseminate information, and is effectively used by people who deal with other people, including politicians. The speech that will be analyzed is given by ex-President Bill Clinton, in one of his public appearances in 2006.

He talks about developing a World view as a way to promote order and that there is a need for a New World Order for the country in order to lessen the problems of our times. In analyzing the speech, we first need to look at the speaker. He is Bill Clinton, the ex-President. Most of us know him, because for some time he has been a public figure, an important one at that. If we are going to assess his credibility to talk about the topic and world view and a new world order, we can say that he is indeed credible (Beebe & Beebe, 2000).

He has in his name a few years of public service, with the last position he took was the highest position in all of the country. With his background, it is evident that he is well versed with how politics works, with how the world works, of how the global community interacts, which is why it won’t be a waste of our time to here him speak his ideas for a better future. The next step is to analyze the event. It was a gathering of people, which is not limited to high ranking officials and people who are well to do in the society.

The event is for the purpose of informing the people, of trying to educate them to somehow alleviate them from the hardships they are encountering. Another element to take into consideration is the speech. His speech was about having a world view. He states that in order to understand fully the things that happen in our society and even in ourselves, we need to have a worldview, something that we can associate our ideas with. This is to determine which side are we on with the things that are happening around us.

He associated this world view to the creation of a new world order which would stem out from our collaboration and interaction with other nations and other nations’ people. The organizational pattern used in the speech was problem-solution, wherein it somehow opens our eyes to things that we can do in order to deal with the problems that we currently have. Lastly, we would analyze the audience of the speech. The speech is directed to the general public. It includes the businessmen, the laborers, the workers, college students, and many more.

It begs the audience to look inside them and reflect about his world view. It is a very big step in determining the solution to the problems of the times. The speech directed to the audience was much more informative rather than persuasive, though it gives suggestions as to how we should deal with the problems that we have today.


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