Bill Belichick’s sanctions are fair Essay

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Bill Belichick’s sanctions are fair

Bill Belichick deserved all the sanctions imposed on him. He has succeeded in bringing to disrepute all the previous success and victories achieved by Patriots. Every of their former accomplishments are now suspected as fraudulent, reduced to ridicule, mockery, and Patriot’s real competence doubtfully dubious. Last year, according to Rich C. (2007)in Green Bay, they were accused of the same spy game. Belichicks violations of league policy and rules were quite shameful and has tarnished the image of the League.

This monumental shocking scandal has authenticated all the previous suspicions that Belichick had been involved in other spying activities aside from stealing signs. In New York Daily News account, (September 2007), it had long been rumored of how microphones can be attached to shoulder pads in order to pick up audible voices in scrimmage lines. How video equipment are concealed in parking garages for the purpose of filming practices. He equally is believed to have constantly eavesdropped at halftime on opponents to enable him steal team signal and make adjustments to gain undue advantage.

You cannot continue to achieve victory by violating the rules. It ends up defeating the essence of the game. People cannot continue to give black eyes to the game of sports. If Bill Belichick is not so punished, it is the game that will suffer the most. His offence is beyond cheating, it is pure and blatant espionage and spy that make nonsense of both the Patriots players and management, fans, (including NFL Football fans), all their opponents and the entire league.

Those accusing Jets of envy and the fact that everyone, including Mangini, is doing it are missing the whole issue. However, this revelation is an indication that the time for NFL to sanitize the game is now. REFERENCE. 1. Rich Cimini (12 September 2007) (Eric Mangini Exposes Bil Belichicks Spy Games” in Daily News Sports, http://www. nydailynews. com/sports/football/jets/2007/09/12/2007-09-12_eric_mangini_exposes_bill_belichicks_spy. html 2. New York Daily News (11th September, 2007) “Spying on the Jets” http://www. nydailynews. com/forums/thread. jspa? threadID=590&tstart=0

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