Bilingual Education Essay

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Bilingual Education

Multiculturalism as well as bilingual education approaches among schools is most likely affecting major educational institutions in the United States today. This is primarily because of the fact that the growing effect of globalization around the world influences major sectors of the world especially that of the educational field. As for a fact, surveys pertain to the fact that there are major numbers of students among American schools that come from minor races who are trying to attain education from the said country.

As a result, most schools, both elementary and high school cater to at least 55% of the minor race population compared to the number of students who are among the natives of the country. This statistical fact certainly races a challenging situation to the educators of the said scholastic institutions. This challenge actually raises a changing effect within the existing system of education that is currently used in the United States.

In a survey that has been performed among young students who are directly affected by the situation mentioned above, the results were radically affecting and changing with regards the learning and teaching systems within the American regions. In this particular survey, it could be noted that there are certain considerations to take notice of to be able to meet the needs of the new students who are under the multicultural educational system.

The results of the said survey as well as how they particularly affect the educational approach in teaching and learning within the American territories shall be discussed within the paragraphs that follow. The Survey Results Children who were studying in the first grade in Beverly Martin Elementary School in Ithaca, New York, responded to the survey based from what they actually wanted to receive from their educators as young learners belonging to a culturally diverse environment of educational divisions.

Based from their response, it could be noted that there are tat least three major requirements among educators that are primarily expected from them by their students. The said expectations include: (a) Being personally involved with the students’ procedures of learning- Educators are expected to have constant assessment of how their students are so far developing in their studies. This especially concerns those who are having a hard time in coping up with the different pressures brought about by bilingual education.

These students are most likely from different countries that are using other mother languages aside from English. This means that the students are then supposed to gain ample time form their educators to be able to have a clear understanding of the major procedures that they need to deal with in understanding modern approaches in learning lessons through bilingual education. (b) Being constantly recognized for excellent response to the teaching procedures used towards them by the teachers- acknowledgement of good works usually motivates young learners to do more in school.

Most often than not, to at least assist the students realize that they are doing something that is worthwhile for their own personal development. This is especially because of the fact that there are students who are loosing confidence in their studies because of the fact that they are having a hard time adjusting to the language being used in class. Thus, if this is given consideration by the educators, it is possible that the students who are acknowledged for their fine works would gain much confidence as to how they are going to deal with the challenges that they are to meet in their studies.

(c) Giving lessons through modern procedures that are much better that the usual- traditional teaching that is used in the regular educational presentations within the schools may not be as effective in this process of learning. Assisting students of this particular set up of learning may not be as easy as it seems. The educators are then required to adapt to the advancements that are noted as major meeting point of the different students from different countries around the world.

These three major expectations draw the line of the fact that the students actually need their teachers to treat them fairly in schools even though they are obviously belonging from different races around the world. It could be observed that the ideal teaching that these young learners expect is based on personal concern of their teachers focused upon the learning progress that they are particularly dealing with in school. Of course, dealing with children from other races may not be that easy for the said early learners of the actual scene that is eminent in the human society today.

However, through the assistance of their teachers in school, even children as young as first graders would be able to understand the ideal way of dealing with people from other races through the pattern of teaching and treatment that they first observe from their educators. It should always be considered that young children are very observant. It could not be denied that through the acts that the older people portray which they particularly observe everyday, they begin to gain the most important parts of learning that they need to face in life.

For this particular reason, teachers who are challenged in dealing with multicultural education patterns should realize that young children have the need of being personally cared for. The psychological impact of the idea that people around them are concerned on how they are growing actually motivates children to do good in school and later on do better with their lives. From this particular survey, it has been noted by the educators that bilingual education has so far began to become the trend of the current educational systems in America.

As it has been taken from the results of the performed survey among children in a particular school as noted herein, there are three particular major procedures that need consideration upon implying the different effective approaches in assisting students understand the concept of bilingual education. The said procedures include: (a) Peer facilitated Peer facilitated activities are most likely designed to assist students understand the fact that they have people or young learners who are dealing with the same situation as they are.

This then shall allow them the space of enduring with the language problems that they are dealing with in school giving them the chance to become adjusted to the difficulties of their learning procedures. (b) Group System Linking Between Students Learning in groups has been proven effective especially for those young learners. Being able to facilitate camaraderie among themselves makes it easier for them to grasp the lessons that they are learning even though they all belong from different countries and are presently faced with the struggles of learning their lessons in a bilingual set up.

(c) Hands-on training procedures for the use of language Practical application of the major procedures of using the language in casual talks shall help the students have a practical knowledge about the language[s] that they are expected to use in school. Today’s society is faced with the many technological innovations that particularly bring ease to learning. Both oral and verbal language could now be used in practical terms through online learning approaches.

Learning within classroom settings are also being advanced through the implementation of several technologically advanced gadgets for learning processes that serves as the basic ground lining the students together. Conclusion Children from different countries may appear differently in terms of their physical attributes. However, young as they are, they are actually following the same pattern of growth and personality development that should be considered by their school educators.

In dealing with children from different cultures, it should then be noted that the need for emphasizing concern for their personal growth and acknowledging their good deeds and excellent educational progress is an essential key to gaining the best results from the learning procedures of the said children. Hence, this particular suggestion leads to a certain conclusion that children, regardless of the color of the skin or the origin of their culture all need the same level of attention and concern when it comes to learning and education.

Learning in a bilingual approach is not that easy as it seems for both the educators and the learners. However, with ample effort and determination to succeed in the said particular way of learning, victory could be won over. The benefits of succeeding in this way of learning is not that easy to gain, however, once the benefits are gained, it could not be denied that the efforts placed in by the educators and the learners are all worth while. Reference: Nieto, S. (2004). Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural and Bilingual Education. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. 4th Ed.

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