Big Time Sports Essay

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Big Time Sports

Big time sports in colleges are governed by guidelines and regulations. These sports are mostly in campuses and colleges. Big time sports can sometime lead to violent behaviour and undeserving behaviour, which are morally questionable. Most athletics can start using alcohol or drugs as incentives so that they can be able to practice for long hours without getting tired. These college athletes want to be the beat during tournament hence they will do everything possible to fulfill the goals, targets of the team. The players want to be selected because only the competitive and talented players make the team.

In tournament you will find that violent behaviour is experienced in the field and university principles like discipline are undermined. Big time sports have its vices. Lack of discipline is one of them. Lack of discipline is constant practiced by the team players but the campus or colleges can avoid this and as a penalty to the players who misbehave they should not be allowed to play for the team until they are disciplined. Big time sports have been commercialized by the colleges and campus that participate in them because they compete with professional players.

Many institutions end up using a lot of resources financially to build big stadiums. These can sometime lead to corruptions as sport grants and aid to these colleges and campus do not follow a procedure. Big time sports have programs, which govern the sports in the campuses and colleges. These programs do not receive a positive public exposure due to recruitment scandals, favourism based on gender issues, other students who participate in the sports end up performing badly academically, which is not good for the college.

Colleges compete against each other between highly skilled teams of students halting scholarships. (Murray, 70) Big time sports can lead to conflict between academic performance and athletics. Colleges and campuses offering courses in liberal arts and sports have shown that the students who participate in college sports do not do well academically. This has led to college to tag the students in the graduation list who participate in college sports so as to compare them with the other students who don’t participate in sports. (Murray, 70)

Big time sports cannot be successful if it wasn’t for the role the coaches play in these college sports. The coaches train the students with talent because they know the success of the team depends on the athletes’ talent. So if it is nurtured well, the more successful the team will be. If the team players are good that will reflect on how well the coach is because they learn from him as he guides them. Big time sports open opportunities. Most players are discovered while still in high school hence if recruitment is done properly the most talented players are got easily.

Recruitment plays a major role in the success of a team taking into consideration that the team has competitive players hence stakes are set high for new players because if one is a good player possibility of being bought by a sport body to play for them are high. Other players are bought while still in high school, which can make them not finish high school, which is not right. High school athletes have to follow guidelines. Official visits are limited due to costs and if the player decides to have an official visit, it will be at his own expense. Big time sports have benefits to both colleges and campus and the players.

These sports in terms of cost, consume a lot of resources in the campus budget. At the end, regardless of the high cost, when the colleges win in the college sport, there is usually an increase in application of students who want to join the college, donations also increase, teamwork is enhanced among the players, opposing teams are also united especially during the tournaments and lastly, it attracts athletes from diverse background. (Murray, 70) Big time sports are governed by guidelines and procedures. Due to technology, talented athletes are spotted even before they get to college and recruitment starts.

They start the recruitment process by viewing the videotapes of applicants, dossiers, transcripts, which they sort. The ones short-listed are met in person. The final list is submitted to the admission office and also those who are academically qualified are admitted. The colleges also have committees to answer questions about college sports or any issue related to it. Issues to do with recruitment, complains and corruption, are also looked into by the committee. Works Cited Page Murray, S. College Sports, Inc. : The Athletic Department vs. the University. Henry Holt & Company. 1990.

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