Big Issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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When choosing a university, applicants look at gpa, SAT, and ACT requirements. They look at the different programs that the university offers, the diversity, and the curriculum, not the rate of sexual assault that occurs on that campus. Students go to college to get more educated, to better their future, and create lifelong memories. But the reality of it is some of those memories that last a lifetime can negatively impact a person.

Sexual assault is a very prominent issue in today’s society.

While the public has spoken out about the injustices that have been done, lawmakers seem to come to no resolve on these issues. College campuses experience rates of sexual assault in both men and women. One in five men will experience sexual assault while on campus, and one in three women will experience sexaul assualt on campus as well, both within their time enrolled. In order for these rates to decrease, we must act now. It is important that we do something about this as soon as possible before the rates go up and people start fearing what might happen to them while attempting to walk to class.

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This topic interests me because I have friends who have experienced sexual assault during their time in college and I want to see want can be done to make a difference in other people’s lives. I want to completely eliminate these issues involving sexual assault.

I think that it is important because without further research on this topic, nothing will be done for the victims that experience this horrific action.

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It is important that connotation of sexual assault is changed to allow the victim to have more rights and to be able to speak more freely on their experience and to prosecute if necessary.

The current problem that is facing a solution is the fact that those who do sexually assault others are not punished to the full extent of their actions due to their: race, social and or, political standing. A big part in disciplinary actions when the perpetrator does get attention for what he/she did, is that roles they play while on campus. Did they play sports, were they active in their classes, and were they getting good grades in their classes. Because of these certain instances, the disciplinary actions can be minimalized because of these factors. There are a multitude of cases where the perpetrators parents work on campus and play big roles while on campus, which makes it even easier for the assailant to get away with these actions. Even more cases in which the assailant gets away or gets a smaller sentencing is usually because of the money their parents have.

What is it that we can do to solve this problem. My solution, in order for these large numbers of sexual assaults on college campuses to decrease, is to treat every case equally and to have a minimum disciplinary action of expulsion and a minimum sentencing of six months. Currently the system puts more faith in the perpetrator versus the victim. Society views the victim as an attention getter or someone that just made a mistake and regrets their decision. The reality of the matter is that the victims life has been forever changed no matter what the assaulters sentencing is. These assailants are getting off with shorter sentencing which doesn’t deter behavior and shows that they will commit this crime again as they are punished with merely a slap on the wrist. While sexual assault rates on college campuses are quite high, rates within the general population are quite astonishing. Many people within several different communities are affected by sexual assault, but for my research on college campuses because I am able to get a better representation due to the controlled environment.

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Big Issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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