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Big Five Personality Model of Crimson Tide

Categories: PersonalityPsychology


In this assignment I will analyze the “Crimson Tide” based on OB topics which are organization, skills, personality, perception, values, and attitudes. First of all I would like to say something briefly about the movie. On a US nuclear missile sub, a young first officer stages a mutiny to prevent his trigger happy captain from launching his missiles before confirming his orders to do so. An organization is basically consciously coordinated social unit. There are three essentials to be an

  • organization,
  • group of people
  • continuous or else project
  • common goal

When we look at the Crimson Tide we can see the all three features in that submarine.

First of all they are group of soldier in a nuclear submarine. Secondly, this group of people are not together but they came together to a project that U.S. Navy nuclear submarine, USS Alabama, to be available to launch its missiles in a preemptive strike if Radchenko attempts to fuel his missiles.

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It is enough to be an organization for a group. Thirdly, even though they use different ways, they have a common goal which is protecting their country.

Most distinct skill of Captain Ramsey his experience and loyalty to the Navy. He never questions to orders. He thinks he is there to apply to the orders, sometimes impatiently, and make sure his crew’s loyalty to apply order. He does not believe to democracy in the submarine. For example he says “we are here to preserve democracy, not to practice it.

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Ron Hunter is a young, inexperience, and good educated man. He finished Harvard University. He is highly educated in military history and technical tactics. Hunter is more analytic and conservative towards his mission. Hunter is against the missile launch and tries to win over support from Ramsey to confirm the second message before proceeding with the launch, because he has hope that it was possibly an abjuration of the previous command. This behavior shows his humanist and rational side. Hunter plays a number of roles.

He makes sure that Captain Ramsey makes the correct choices. For example, he is waiting the rest of the message to launch of the nuclear missiles. Also he motivates his crew. Ramsey is a strict and arrogant leader who never motivates his crew, but with the influence from Hunter, Ramsey gives a motivational speech after the crew to restore all operations after the Russian attack. I will focus on Ramsey’s and Hunter’s personality, perception, values and attitudes in this part of my assignment;

The Big Five Personality Model

  • high extraversion: overconfident, pushy
  • low agreeableness: cold, dissident
  • high conscientiousness: organized, stubborn
  • high emotional stability: self-confident, calm
  • high openness to experience: curious


  • Machiavellianism: practical, manipulate
  • Self-esteem: likes himself
  • Risk-taking: risk-taking by shooting the missiles
  • More Type A: multitasks
  • Less Type B: can relax without guilty (after downgrading sitting in his cabin and being calm)
  • External locus of control: controlled by outside forces (government)


  • Perceiver: Captain Frank Ramsey
  • Target: Russians, Hunter
  • Situation: Submarine…wants to attack Russia


  • Halo effect: general impression by a single characteristic.
  • Stereotyping: Harvard students are nerds and hunter is one of them without experience


He belongs elders generation. This generation’s characteristics are discipline, authority, traditional Hofstede’s


  • High power distance: Captain as a authority
  • High Individualism : Focus on his opinion
  • High Masculinity: Doesn’t care so much about people (e.g. fire-alarm) High

Uncertainty avoidance: He doesn’t like uncertainty. Wants to act quickly. For example he wants to shoot missiles Low long-term orientation: Doesn’t care about nuclear war….he wants to act now High Indulgence: Submarine/Job is his second home comfortable cabin and his dog Attitudes:

Job satisfaction: work place is like his home….(e.g. dog)

Neglect: when hunter took his authority he went to his cabin and was listening to the music like nothing happened before Affective: emotional relationship to the navy. Traditional beliefs Engagement: His speech to the soldiers at the beginning of the film.

Hunter’s The Big Five Personality Model:

  • high extraversion: assertive, gregarious, sociable
  • high agreeableness: cooperative, trusting, empathetic
  • high conscientiousness: organized, persistent
  • high emotional stability: self-confident, calm
  • high openness to experience: flexible, curious


  • Machiavellianism: practical, manipulate
  • Self-esteem: ambitious goals related to his career
  • Self-monitoring: attention to external environment by building a relationship to the marines
  • Risk-taking: risk-taking by downgrading Ramsey
  • Proactive: identifies opportunities and tries to prevent nuclear war More internal locus of control: controls his destiny, independent, makes his own decisions


  • Perceiver: Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter
  • Target : Ramsey
  • Situation: Submarine….wants to stop Ramsey and also nuclear war
  • Values: He belongs Baby Boomers Generation and Its features are social recognition, responsibility

Hofstede’s Framework:

  • Middle power distance: He sees captain as an authority but he is not afraid of sending Ramsey in to jail. He also makes jokes with crew members
  • Middle Individualism : Focus on his opinion but also take care about others opinion
  • Low Masculinity: Takes care of people and feeling (e.g. over weight of a crew member )
  • Low Uncertainty avoidance: Takes the risk of not knowing what happens next. Doesn’t want to shoot missiles High long-term orientation: Afraid of nuclear war, stops Ramsey
  • Middle Indulgence: Separates work and family. Has his family who is waiting for him but also he left the birthday of his daughter because of his job


Job satisfaction : He is proud of to be a lieutenant
Continuance: Wants to make career upgrade to a captain
Engagement: Build a good relationship with the crews

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Big Five Personality Model of Crimson Tide

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