Big Bird of South Texas

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In 1976, people in South Texas Rio Grande Valley saw something. A huge bird that looked like a monkey in the face. It had blood-red eyes according to eye witness reports, and anyone who has ever seen this terrifying creature will tell you that it is scary and you will never wanna see it in your life. They will also tell you that it is anything but lovable. This creature may share some features as the big yellow bird on sesame street that is loved by lot of people.

But everyone can assure you that this big bird is not lovable at all. Tom Waldron has claimed that he has seen tracks from this animal that are eight inches wide. They were on the ground by his house in Harlingen on January second 1976. Forty years ago, Wednesday Averico Guajardo was eating at his house/trailer.

He suddenly heard a loud boom on the wall of his trailer outside. He didn’t want anything to happen to his family or himself so he grabbed a knife and put it in his pocket.

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He then went outside he couldn’t see so he went to his car and turned on his headlights. After he turned on the light he realized that there was a weird bird like creature rising from the ground. He said it had huge  wings and it was brown. After he got inside he didnt want to freak his family out so he didn’t tell them what had happened. But he said to himself “I was scared.

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It’s got wings like a bird, but it wasn’t a bird. That animal is not from this world.” On May 8, 2006 monsters are hiding in the shadows. Some people now think these monsters exist and some don’t. In South Texas, people have to watch carefully for a big big bird known as the “Big Bird Of Texas”.

Big Bird used to terrorize people in 1976. “The bird has a really bad habit of going after people.” That was said by Guadalupe Cantu III, someone who has watched and seen the bird go after someone. Everyone thinks that the first sight of big bird was on January 1, 1976. It was when Tracy Lawson and Jackey davious at the ages 11 and 14 when they were playing in the back yard close to harlingen. The bird was standing about 300 feet from the two girls. I would imagine that they were terrified at the sight of the bird. The girls went inside to tell their parents and their parents didn’t believe them one bit. And big bird is claimed to be the biggest bird so far in texas.

I think it will always be the biggest bird in south texas and anywhere in texas. After Guajardo heard that two little girls seen the terrifying creature too. He felt bad for the girls because when he saw the huge bird he was so scared and terrified. Guajardo said that “The bird had wings but never took off flying when he was in sight, and it also had a beak that was about three or four feet long.”. He also said that it made a terrible nose that it sounded like it came from the animal’s throat but its beak never moved when it made the strange sound.” Guajardo said.

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