Big Bank Act

On October 24, 1929, many investors started selling overpriced objects and traded sixteen million shares in a day, causing many banks to fail, sent millions of investors into a panic, and tore apart many people. Some people managed to remain employed, while wages fell and the power of buying decreased. The tragedy that is happening initially, is a time of disturbance and the need for survival. The Great Depression had a very strong negative impact on the economy and now the economy needs to regain its losses.

As of right now, America has fallen to its lowest point sending millions of people to unemployment and people losing their homes.

The unemployment rates are increasing indefinitely, countless people are suffering, and throwing families and children to a state of depression. According to newspapers, around fifteen million Americans are being unemployed and almost half of the country’s banks are failing. Companies don’t have enough money to pay for their workers, so they all fired them and the wages were all reduced.

Even to this day, Americans are not getting a salary, they are not spending any money, and are not buying as many products as they used to before the crash. About a year ago, the Great Depression took a big toll on farmers, which should have been noticed earlier. Farmers are losing most of their crops, they have no food for animals, dryness is all around them, and they have no money to make payments.

Today I will be talking about a new act that can change everything and America can become a better country.

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Since all the banks are failing and we are economically falling apart, my act, which is called The Big Bank Act will make sure that all of those tragical events will come to a cease. The Big Bank Act will help America by requesting a specified amount of money from all the countries around the world. If they can donate, then it would be magnificent, but if they cannot, then it would be totally fine. This act will give the banks enough money to continue their business and to reach their goals instead of failing. The businesses that did not have a downfall in money can also donate as much as they can in order to stop this immediately. They will give them a head start and will also give money to the other businesses that went bankrupt. The Big Bank Act will also request money from other people in the United States who are not suffering from this catastrophe.

To make sure this tragedy doesn’t continue for a lot longer than it should be, we should start working on the Big Bank Act and make it happen as soon as possible in order to help America and make it great again. This act will change the world into a better place and will make sure that all the downfalls will go upwards and all the unemployment will decrease miraculously. I wish to see aspiration in people’s eyes, inspire them to be a part of us, and be as brave as possible because after all, we are a family and should stay strong and united. We truly believe that the act is the right move to defeat this catastrophe. Not all programs start off very great, they all have downhills, but after few weeks or months, it will for sure run very smoothly and countries will hopefully acknowledge our problem and would love to help make America great again.

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