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Bible Commentary: 2 Samuel Chap 6

Paper type: Commentary
Pages: 3 (505 words)
Categories: God, Judaism, Religion
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So often it is important to be sincere and also to be inspiring but that is not enough if we do not use the will of God. At the time when David was the king of Israel, he had considered the purpose of choir about praising and different choir praise could share today. This may bring back the ark of the type of the covenant the presence of gods in the middle of Israel who is the glory.

Can still live among God’s people 2 Samuel chap 6.

This is a program in progress although the scriptures teach us that the lord is always with us 6 pm 8 pm and then they loaded it on a new cart pulled by oxen to take him to Jerusalem. It was necessary to find a way of transport corresponding to a certain unknown load. But following a road by accident and as consequences the ark to fail a man died trying to prevent the precious cargo from falling.

God struck him because no one should impose it on any pretext. This moment of celebration and rejoicing has fallen into mourning. David was very affected and the ark was diverted in another direction. If the king had consulted the word of god or those who knew it he would have understood that the instructions given by the lord to Moses were clear: the ark was to be carried by four priests by means of bars that were to rest on their shoulders.

The consecrated men number 1:50 through this experience which is based on an initiative that seemed to serve the needs of God, the young king has undergone a try that showed him popular who said that the end of the trial ways might not become biblical and may affect people to have correct desires to serve God and it may nevertheless be necessary that their implementation be based on the divine method.

This great lesson must continue to serve us too: we cannot serve God or his people without rigorously following the divine inspiration and many spiritual failures find their explanation here. Praise and worship were at stake and David was motivated by an absolutely sincere desire to honor and serve God.

But this path that seemed to him inspired nevertheless led to the death of a man irritation 2 misunderstanding of fear 2 Samuel chap 6 from verse 9 this story teaches us with great strength that we can be like David an elected and competent personality called in our appeal during the obvious insurance that all these parameters may not decrease the request of the gods holiness and does not enlarge the limits of our freedom of worship but should, on the contrary, lead us to a greater dependence on the divine will a greater fidelity to the revelation left by the scriptures.

This new reservoir is here an image of the material alternative the natural way of thinking that we can overcome the spiritual means often interpreted as binding or out of date.

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