Bible Essay Topics

Visionary leadership

When discussing the values of Christian leadership, one book that we could not readily ignore is the book of Nehemiah. Many of the most popular Christian values could ready be found in this early book of the Old Testament, only to be reiterated in various events all throughout the Bible. And since before we delve… View Article

Leadership, values, and the bible

The Bible is a book that refers to collections of canonical text and religious writings that has its origins in Judeo-Christian traditions. The Bible is not a mere bulk of texts, but in fact a collection of books that process within it various historical traditions and accounts of the religion of Christianity. Now, it is… View Article

Synoptic Evangelism and the Gospel of John

Criteria Synoptic Gospels Gospel of John Genre The Synoptics used the Narrative form in writing the Gospel (Kelber, 1997). John’s Gospel is in the form of a Narrative (Brodie, 1997). Presentation of Characters The role of the Jewish Authorities have anti-semitic implications (Burkett, 2002). The role of the Jewish Authorities have anti-semitic implications (Burkett, 2002)…. View Article

The Inspiration And Reliability of The Bible

The Bible is not an ordinary book in circulation. In fact, because of its ordinary features, the Bible has been in question and had been greatly criticized for many years. It was not only the atheists and the liberals who were the greatest of its critics but the list also includes the religious non-Christian community…. View Article

The Importance of the Doctrine of Christ’s Deity to the Christian Church

Introduction Christ is the prophesied Messiah and the founder of the Christian Church. Christianity is today’s largest religion, comprising of a quarter of the world’s population. It traces its history from Jesus—the Christ—and His disciples. Without the doctrine of Christ there would be no Christian Church. Christianity began merely as a Jewish sect[1] as Jesus… View Article

Bible Stories of Stained Glass Windows

During the medieval period, illiterate peasants could not read. Churches, during that time, are decorated with artistic stained glass windows depicting stories on the Bible. It is through these windows that peasants are able to see the Bible stories. The stories about “The Finding of Moses” can be read in Chapter 2 of the book… View Article

Marriage: When a Man Meets His Woman

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (New International Version, Genesis 2.24) Marriage as we all know is the union of a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Marriage is where the smallest unit of the… View Article

The concept of the Good Samaritan

Abstract The concept of the Good Samaritan has been elaborated by biblical critics in different ways, and it has been applied practically in our times. For instance, there is a law that has been in effect in many countries, which adopts the principle. This paper presents an analysis of the Parable of the Good Samaritan… View Article

Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-35)

The parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-35) is a timeless symbolic story that has taught many individuals about devotion and obedience.  The term prodigal denotes a behavior associated with uncontrolled extravagance and recklessness.  It is interesting to note that the actual word “prodigal” is not indicated in the 15th chapter of Luke (The New… View Article

The Role and Meaning of Jesus Miracles

Abstract: Jesus has done so many miracles during His life in this Earth. There were hundreds of miracles which served as an eye opener for those people who do not believe in Him. Through those miracles, their spiritual eyes were opened and their ears have heard of the truth that Jesus was the one sent… View Article

Gerd Theissen “The Shadow of the Galilean”

Gerd Theissen is a famous German Protestant theologian and New Testament scholar. Sixty years ago he wrote a book “The Shadow of the Galilean” which provides very scrupulous picture of Judaic social traditions and political situation in Bible times. It is a historical novel about the social world of Jesus. The peculiar feature of this… View Article

“Truth” in the Gospel of John

Introduction      There are many key words in the Gospel of John and all of them express certain themes which are deemed important by the author (Apostle John). Some of the key words include Word, light, water, life, witness, love, abide, glorify, darkness, the Counselor, and truth. These words reflect teachings which are latent in… View Article

The Wise And The Fool According To Proverbs

The Holy Bible is historical book and yet contains lots of parables where people can infer realities of life. It is a book of books written by men of God, who lived in different times and yet had always been consistent as to what it teaches men of all ages; from all walks of life… View Article

Matthew Harrison Brandy

I am delighted to write to you this letter. I believe you are fine and ready to join me in celebrating the success of Matthew Harrison Brandy. Harrison with no doubt deserves kudos for this success. According to Genesis 1:1-3, God himself was and everything that became originated from Him. Thus God gives ability to… View Article

Theology Questions

1. Why does Paul expect the Thessalonians to already know how to `conduct` themselves and to `love one another`? Since Paul had already done the work of establishing them (the Thessalonians) in the Lord through the message of the gospel, it is not too much to expect among the brethren in Thessalonica to behave accordingly… View Article

Jesus And Law of the Prophets

During the time of Jesus many did not believe in Him for what He teaches are a contradiction to their beliefs. Pharisees are the ones who are considered the righteous persons during that time. They and the people thought that Jesus’ testimonies are not true because what He teaches and did are against the Law… View Article

The book of Luke and Acts

The book of Luke and Acts are of the same author. It is addressed to Theophilus. On the introduction of the book of Luke, Luke wrote: Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that… View Article

The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy

The first Epistle of Paul to Timothy is a letter. An ancient form of letter used by Paul to communicate timeless truths to his son in faith; who, at the time of the writing was a young leader in a church in an ancient trading center called Ephesus. The Author             A little backgrounder is… View Article

Philosophy The New Testament

It is a well known fact that the Bible is at the head of the list of the most widely read books in the whole world. Moreover, it seems that with time the Bible only expands its range of influence as this text is being constantly examined by representatives of various religious groups, by historians,… View Article

Matthew 18 records

Matthew 18 records the fourth major discourse of Jesus. The previous three discourses recorded by Matthew were: the Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7) which deals with true righteousness, Jesus’ sending of the Twelve to the “lost sheep of Israel” (chapter 10) wherein the emphasis is on ministerial work, and chapter 13 which focuses on… View Article

Ghandi’s Economic and Moral Progress Persuasive Approach

Mohandas k Gandhi was a skilled mediator and powerful spokesman for justice whom he effectively used in his “Economic and Moral Progress” speech. Gandhi uses various appeals from religion and scriptural traditions to persuade his audience on the matters that occurred in India. With references to Indi’s history and the Bible, Gandhi uses logos in… View Article

Preaching to Every Pew: Cross-Cultural Strategies

Introduction                      Understanding the Bible is not that easy to do. Especially when dealing with cross cultural population such as the American society is today. Undeniably, the majority of the population of the American communities today comprises of the strong number of immigrants from all over the world? How are these… View Article

Walking the Bible: A Critical Review

A book that was adventurous, archeological and more importantly spiritually done. Walking the Bible gives us the inspiring journey through the desert of award winning author Bruce Feiler. Retracing the first five books of the Old Testament, Feiler set a ten thousand mile journey through three continents and five countries just to answer the question,… View Article

Bruce Feiler’s Walking the Bible

Bruce Feiler gives his readers new perspectives on the background of the events told in the Five Books of Moses, and on the Bible itself. The book is concerned with how the land itself had a deep influence (and still has a deep influence) on the bible and the spiritual culture of the people, and… View Article

Marks of a Healthy Church

Introduction In the New Testament, the church can be referred to as the “local” church or the “universal” church. The local church is a place where assemblies of believers come together at a particular location and time. The universal church refers to the body of Christ. Many churches believe that they are healthy because they… View Article

Proverb 27:14

In Proverb 27:14, it is stated that he who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, it will be reckoned a curse to him. As I contemplate, I realize that the message of this particular verse is that when a person gives his colleagues a harmful remark, he will be regarded… View Article

Punishment Of Adam And Eve In The Bible

One of the cornerstones of Abrahamic religions including Christianity is thesis about  descendence of humanity from a pair of humans originally created by God himself – Adam and Eve. Under the Bible they have been created innocent, but were seduced by a serpent (usually meant as Satan) to breach God’s counsels and angry God exiled… View Article

Bible Defines Human Nature

             According to the book of Genesis, man was created in the image of God. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27  This means that man’s nature is godly. Because our almighty God is… View Article

Walking the Bible: A Critical Review

A book that was adventurous, archeological and more importantly spiritually done. Walking the Bible gives us the inspiring journey through the desert of award winning author Bruce Feiler. Retracing the first five books of the Old Testament, Feiler set a ten thousand mile journey through three continents and five countries just to answer the question,… View Article

Ellen G. White’s “The Tabernacle and Its Services”

In Ellen G. White’s two writings’, “The Tabernacle and Its Services” and “The Law and the Covenants”, describe the importance of God’s demands from us to follow His will. It explains how God communicated through Moses to His people. Ellen G. White does a descriptive way of breaking down both chapters and letting us read… View Article