Beyond Treason Essay

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Beyond Treason

Please answer the questions: who, what, where, when, why and how reagarding the film in which you participated. The film was “Beyond Treason” by William Lewis and Joyce Riley. It showed how chemical companies in collaboration with the government tested chemical weapons during wartime. It shows the alleged effects of these tests and how people concerned have been affected. 2. What is your overall response to the documentary you just watched? I was shocked by everything that had been revealed in the documentary.

My response directly after viewing it was to try and verify the things that had been presented by Lewis and Riley. I found through research that the people they interviewed actually were who they were said to be. I also found other writings on the government’s covert operations regarding chemical weapons. The documentary led me to discover many things that I had not thought the government was capable of doing. 3. What feelings were you aware of as you watched the documentary? Recalling the experience, my initial feelings were those of skepticism.

The film seemed like an unbelievable conspiracy theory on a sensationalized issue. During the first few minutes, I thought that the film at best had entertainment value. However as I watched on, skepticism turned to curiosity as better evidences were produced, this eventually turned into shock and anger at what the government was allegedly capable of doing. 4. Was there anything in particular in the documentary impact on you? The portrayal of the practices of Mosanto, the chemical company that used war as a means of testing their dangerous chemicals in order to turn a profit really got to me.

I couldn’t believe that they could be so cruel. 5. Was there any part that was uncomfortable for you to watch? why? I don’t think so. Although the film was moving, I did not find any difficulty watching any part of it. 6. What did you like best about the film? What I liked best was how the film was structured in a very logical manner. The evidences were organized and the flow of the film was from the less convincing to the more convincing elements. I believe that this was a very effective way at showing the film’s message.

What did you like least about the film? If I had to pick, I would say that the content could still use more impact. I researched Agent Orange on the web and found some interesting things that could have been integrated into the film. 8. Was there anything in the film that you learned for the first time? I learned many things for the first time. The film was able to show me how human greed and thoughtlessness can truly cause humanity harm. It also taught me to be conscious about what’s happening around me and not trust so easily.

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