Beyond Performance Essay

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Beyond Performance

The quest to achieve physical perfection is the ultimate task for a bodybuilder. This type of pressure on the athletes causes some to go to extreme measures to attain this sort of perfection. The use of anabolic steroids and other growth hormone supplements are typically what are turned to in order to reach the mass required to compete in the bodybuilding arena of today. This brings with it the possibility of negative side effects either ignored or possibly accepted as a territorial understanding by the athlete in this sport.

I look to explore alternative supplements, their success s in practical application, and to see if they pose the same dangers of steroid use. I also aim to identify all harmful effects surrounding steroid use and other growth hormone use by athletes in bodybuilding. I myself find great interest in this subject as I take my personal fitness seriously and have considered the use of growth hormones to reach the next level of fitness. This also may be of interest to any athlete or physical fitness fanatic that has considered the use of any performance enhancing supplement.

It is important to make informed decisions and I aim to shed light on any benefits or detriments posed by extreme performance enhancing supplements. In my research the main goal was to find as many differing opinions on the subject that I could. With the sources I have found they seem to be agreeable in the negative and positive effects. This consistency between articles coupled with the medical professional statistical data shows the information presented to be educated. Two of the sources, more specifically Worsnop’s “Athletes and Drugs” and Jost’s “Sports and Drugs”, how how performance enhancing drugs have permeated into athletic sports in general.

Both Worsnop and Jost focus mainly on anabolic steroid use and the effects both positive and negative they may pose for the athlete. They also take a look at how the use of these drugs may give an unfair advantage to the athlete over others. This, of course would be regarding the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. They also look to blame not the user but the drug manufacturers of the supplements using them as the scape goat.

With no demand there will be no supply where an over demand may result in the same and I look to put that a little more into perspective. In my remaining sources namely Triplett’s “Dietary Supplements” and Robson’s “Growth Hormone: What Is It and What Does It Do? An Expert’s View! ” they give informed information to growth hormones as well as alternative supplements to anabolic steroids. Robson is a bodybuilder himself which gives the perspective of the athlete’s point of view, but also may allow for a bias viewpoint.

I feel his article is of great value in my research efforts because it is the only source I could find that gave the athlete’s perspective on this subject. Triplett on the other hand gives more vast information on alternatives to growth hormones and anabolic steroids. I feel he is the most unbiased source of all as he doesn’t look to pin blame on anyone or have a bias of being an athlete himself. Triplett’s article as well as Worsnop’s and Jost’s articles was acquired through the CQ Researcher. They were in fact the only articles I could find on this subject using that research method.

Robson’s article was found through a Google search. I used that method in order to find a bodybuilder’s point of view on the subject I am writing about. In order to articulate the information gathered from my sources, I plan to further analyze them so I can convey the most informed essay possible. I also plan to interview local athletes whom I personally workout with in order to gain more perspective into the sport of bodybuilding. With that of course I will also have to weed out any bias in information so that the information I provide in writing is either noted as to the bias, or to make the decision to not include it at all.

I also plan to find more sources showing alternative methods in attaining the same results as I feel that is lacking in my research. All in all I feel that I have plenty of information available to me so I can present the most complete and informed essay possible. The challenges I may be presented with would mainly focus around time management. There is a lot of information to be gathered, organized, and presented. If I don’t manage my time and resources well, the essay could come across as rushed with important details left out or not discovered.

This in my opinion could make for a non-credible paper in which the average reader may get lost in and walk away uninformed. I feel anyone interested in the sport of bodybuilding or just interested in general health would benefit from this research. Making informed choices in health and over all well-being is invaluable as it could mean the difference between optimum performance and performance you may pay for down the road. Leaving room for unknowns when it comes to performance enhancers could lead to the opposite result wanted. Informed decisions lead to informed outcomes and I hope to provide the most clear cut information possible.

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