Beverages Essay Topics

F and B Service

|Current Competencies of the Trainee|Proof of Evidence |Required Competencies/Learning Outcome |Training Gaps* |Required Modules for Training |Duration ( | |as a Food and Beverage Server | | | | |Hrs.) | |TC |EC |AA |NC |OTS | | | | | |Knows how to deliver food and beverage to guests. | | | | |… View Article

Drink – Coffee

A. Overview of the Industry The beverage industry in the Philippines has increased its market volume in the recent years as the fruit of gaining popularity and support from majority of the Philippine population. According to Euromonitor. com, after reporting a total volume drop of 2% in the previous year, juice recovered to be among… View Article

A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Most people were taught to divide history in ages, eras, and in some cases decades , Tom Standage seems to divide history in the popular beverage of the time period. In “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” the author brings the reader to an interesting timeline of our history. Fantastically written and catches… View Article