Best use of vacation Essay

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Best use of vacation

A vacation begins at the end of examination .Students breath a sigh of relief as a heavy burden has been unloaded .They pine for some change from the drudgery of their daily routine. During the vacation, some students visit historically important places. Some, who are away from their parents gladly go home .Others may spend (or waste?) the vacation in entertainment. It is, then evident that a vacation can be utilized in a variety of ways. A vacation is not for pleasure. It is for both pleasure and profit. The best use of vacation lies in undertaking some creative or constructive work. Many avenues are open today for creative and constructive work .Student can learn the art of making dolls and toys. They can join some short-term course in TV repairing, electrical wiring. Some students can enroll themselves as member of a library and increase their knowledge. The government of India, through the government of Maharashtra, has introduced N.S.S. (National Service Scheme) this Scheme expects student to undertake social service in adjacent areas.

The government expects the student to educate the masses with regard to pollution and superstition, literacy and cleanliness. Most of the Indians live in villages. Even after fifty years of freedom, we could not improve the villages and the villagers to the desired extent. It would be the best use of vacation if the students visited a nearby village with the intention of reformation. The sanitary condition in a village is far from satisfactory. Open drains containing stagnant water are found everywhere .Roads are not in a proper shape, the source of drinking-water is insect-affected .The menace of mosquitoes is perpetual .The villagers live under the most unhygienic conditions. To crown the disaster, as it were, facilities for education and medicine are conspicuous by their absence .How the villagers manage to live in such adverse atmosphere is a matter of wonder. One need not be a doctor or an engineer to transform the shape of villages. No age or sex, qualification or status is prescribed for a social worker. Students should impress on the villagers the importance of cleanliness.

They should tell then how to make drinkable, the adulterated and insect-affected water .They must ask them neither to waste water nor to allow it to stagnate in a pool .Such a pool is a fertile field for mosquitoes .In this connection they can quite and explain the proverb: “prevention is better than cure” students must give stress on the efficacy of literacy .Spread of education alone can transform the life-style of the villagers. If every student were to assume the role of a reformer, during the duration of vacation, he would be using his vacation in the best way If one works very hard and continuously, one naturally feels tired. Our minds begin to wander, and we feel unable to fix our attention on work. Psychologists say that fatigue is caused by some of the brain matter being wasted while at hard work, and that, in order to allow the matter to be replaced, rest is necessary. It is only after the necessary rest that we feel fresh as before. Thus leisure is quite essential for our system after hard work.

This does not mean that we should absolutely cease to do any work because work is as necessary as rest. Rest can also be had by a change in occupation. For example we have been working hard at mathematics for 4 hours and long for rest. But we need not sit idle. We can sing a few of our favourite songs and enjoy the tunes. That is also rest Again or if we have a hobby like stamp-collecting, we may after a hard day’s work, collect stamps, affix them neatly in sheets with decorated borders. This is not only a pleasing occupation but also useful. We may also attend to our garden during our leisure hours. We may trim a plant or prune a creeper or dig the ground. We may watch the glory of the buds blossoming into a flower. Watering the flower plants is not only a pleasant diversion but also a very useful form of physical exercise.

We can also watch the birds around. Some may try their hand at drawing or painting. Painting flowers or creepers or birds in their natural setting is something of an achievement and may give us very great pleasure indeed. Those who have leisure may collect beautiful pictures and make them into neat albums. If we are in the country side, we may take a walk into the open and mingle freely with farmers and other rural folk. We may study their outlook and ideas, their needs and aspirations. We may probably tell them a thing or two from our knowledge of modem times and of the modem world which they might not have known. We may try to teach them the elements of hygiene and first-aid; or if they have their own methods, we can also collect the tales most popular among them, and thus specialise in folk-lore.

It is a fascinating study, which will reflect the various phases of the life of those spending most of their time in their native surroundings. The most useful way of spending one’s leisure is to do some kind of social service especially to the backward sections of society. We may informally hold classes for illiterate adults, narrate interesting stories, teach them to read and write, tell them how to safeguard themselves against infectious diseases, teach them the benefit of thrift by encouraging them to deposit their meagre savings in a saving bank or invest them in national savings certificates, and do a hundred other similar things besides. We may teach them the rudiments of civics, educate them as to their rights as voters and as to their duties in safeguarding it we may exhort them to give their whole-hearted cooperation in the community project and other development schemes.

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