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Best University

University life is one of the most important phases for a student. If you are admitted at a good university you end up learning a lot of things and are a lot smarter than the rest. Among all the universities I took admission at North South University for my under graduation degree. It is considered as the best private university in Dhaka. It is a great place to study for basically three reasons. First of all, the environment is excellent for studies. It is completely a non-smoking are which helps to strengthen the characters of the student.

Then the cafeteria is also filled with varities of food, and the place is huge with the accommodation of 1,000 students. The library is a three- storied building and very rich in terms of the quality and quantity of books. And not to mention the main attraction which is the huge campus and its beautiful architectural structure. There are two buildings for the classroom. One is for the administration and one huge auditorium for multi purposes. In addition, the standard of the study is really high compared to other local universities.

It is completely run following the American university structure. So the credits can be easily transferred to any foreign universities and the degrees are also worldwide recognized and accepted. Then again another important fact is the high tech classrooms with projectors and other supporting instruments. They also have laboratories with international set up and machines for example: computer labs, science lab etc. And last but not the least , the highly qualified faculty members with lots of publications and higher degrees.

Furthermore, there are a lot of opportunities for the students to grow as a personality with the help of the various extra-curricular activities. There are many clubs from which the students can join accordance to their interest. There are also many chances for the part-time job. The students can either assists the teachers or work in the various departments of administration. There is a career department to help students to get a job after their graduation.

Also various seminars are held throughout the year where renowned personalities visit to inspire the young students and they help to prepare the students for the job field. To conclude, North South University gives a complete setting enriched with academic environment as well as highly valued social activities. The time spent here would be an opportunity for every student to polish themselves to face their upcoming professional careers as well as to play a vital role in continuous social development.

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