Best thing ever Essay

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Best thing ever

The best experience of my life was going to Six Flags America, because I had a lot of fun traveling and exploring, and I enjoyed spending time with my family and riding roller coaster’s. I’m a type of person that loves travel and discover places I never seen before. Sitting in a car while glaring at amazing places you never seen before is what I love about traveling. We stopped at restaurants we never heard before, and my family and I ate and talked about what we’re going to go before we arrive at Six Flags. We looked at some stores down at Pennsylvania and I bought two shirts for souvenir. I took pictures on huge rocks, nice clean water falls every where it was amazing to look at. When we arrived to Six Flags, my family and I grabbed something to eat because it was a long ride and we were hungry. We talked about how was our trip so far, I love taking with my family because it makes me be a free person. We decided to go on roller coaster that was a fun experience to me. There was this one coaster that they called “The Superman” and I was so high it was scary to look at. I went on it and when I came back, my head was spinning and I couldn’t see straight because of the wild turns and the up and downs of the “The Superman”. Going to Six Flags America was so extraordinary for me because all the things and discover and explored that summer day. The roller coasters were fun but thrilling, and eating and spending time with my family was very enjoyable.

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