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Looking for overpronation shoes that will grace your walk/run and elevate the experience to a whole new level? Well, look no further! In this buyers guide, find an all-inclusive and unbiased review of the best overpronation shoes there is.

Also know as stability shoes, overpronation footwear is currently at its height. All thanks to the comprehensive and holistic nature of this product. I mean, previously, shoes for overpronation were strictly produced under the sports category. These models were ideal only for athletic purposes like walking or running.

Apparently, with the ever increasing demand for casual and official stability footwear, shoe manufacturers have recognized the need to expand the overpronation shoe option list. And so, contrary to the classical stability shoes culture, in the today’s market you’ll find a wide array of products, including casual and official stability footwear meticulously designed to counter overpronation.

Essentially, this buyer’s guide outlines the top ten best shoes for overpronation in 2020. However, before we show you our top choices, let’s first get a sneak peek into feet overpronation.

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What is Feet Overpronation?

In the simplest terms possible, overpronation means that your feet don’t absorb impact as effectively as they should. Generally, this condition is typical with people who have flat feet and low arch support and makes your strides to roll inwards hence resulting to an uneven gait and lingering pain on your heel and ankle joints.

More perceptively, overpronation can lead to a number of painful medical conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprains.

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All of these conditions not only cause excruciating pain when walking but also can seriously damage the attaching tendonds and wear off the joint ligaments as well as deform the muscle structure around your feet.

If you’re super active lifestyle often gets you involved in walking/running oriented activities like walking to the office, climbing stairs, morning runs or any routine that stresses your lower body, feet overpronation can be a real menace to the quality of your life.

And so, the big question here is how to remedy feet overpronation? Well, the answer is surprisingly straightforward. Invest in a pair of shoes for overpronation!

Best Shoes for Overpronation

Sound pretty straightforward, right! The problem, however, if finding the right pair of overpronation shoes that will satisfy your needs and penchants. I mean, out there, you’ll find dozens of options, all claiming to be the top spot. Apparently, the truth is that only a few models of stability shoes feature all the qualities and attributes to serve you best.

And so, to separate the chuff from the grains, we have reviewed the top ten best overpronation shoes on Amazon so that you can shop easy! Here are our top choices!

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Although this overpronation shoe’s basic design and structure looks overly sportish; and at a glance would obviously fall in the running category, the Adrenaline GTS 19’s stylish and sleek nature makes it favorite for many people looking for casual overpronation shoes. It’s elegant built looks fashionable and sleek and blends perfectly with most casual outfits like jeans and khaki pants. Whether going for an only-boys-out-night or hitting the dance floor with your girl, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is all you need to grace your evening!

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is built for optimum stability and comfort. It features a structured 12 mm thick EVA midsole, segmented crash pad and guiderail support system that effectively dissipates shock waves to give a fluid impact-free stride.

Featuring a heavily padded collar, ultra-soft tongue and a stretchy 3D Fit Print upper structure, this overpronation shoe gives you a snug comfortable feel for a 24 hours endeavor. Its patented EVA midsole give an extra soft feel without compromising durability or responsiveness.

Complete with a leveled out baseline and streamlined construction, it allows effective heel-to-toe changeover which helps divert shock waves from the heel and knee areas.

Lastly, this footwear is very light and weights around 11 ounces which, in addition to the above mentioned features, makes the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 an ideal overpronation shoe for just any outdoor activity.

If you are looking for a comfy, stylish and fashionable footwear, designed to combat feet overpronation; while remaining up to date with your casual outfits, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is your ultimate choice!


  • Extra thick rubber outsole and DNA cushioning for improved cushioning
  • A flat heels design keeps your feet in perfect unison with the surface
  • Heavily padded collar and tongue
  • Highly responsive
  • 3D fit print upper structure with breathability
  • An ergonomic design that looks sleek and feels extra comfy


  • Customers say that, the treads tends wear out quickly
  • Advertised size maybe not be true

2. Merrell Jungle Moc

Shoes are holistic assets for both men and women and you want an option that will not only match your specific outfit but also go with the event at hand. And perhaps, you might get the impression that the product mentioned above is a little more flashy and sophisticated than your typical casual footwear. No problem, meet the Merrell Jungle Moc!

Yes, this shoe for overpronation looks rugged, but it seals the deal. By all standards, The Merrell Jungle Moc is your typical casual shoe, and from a distance, doesn’t seem to have any special features that would put it under the overpronation shoe category. However, according to customer reviews, the Merrell Jungle Moc is one of the best casual shoes for overpronation available today! And this has been made even clearer by the features offered.

The Merrell Jungle Moc has an endless list of features that capture wearer comfort and support. First and foremost, it boasts of an air cushion midsole, and integrated heel pockets to help stabilize your stride. Its M-Select grip outsole integrates a special Merrell technology design provides added heel support while also ensuring a strong footing to guarantee maximum feet stability when walking.

Its supportive sports compression molded EVA foot frame cushioning is, by far the most effective suspension system. As a result, the Merrell Jungle Moc is unique for its ability to dissipate about 99% of the shockwaves thus protecting your knee and heel joints. To crown it all, the goring found on the shoe’s sides is super elastic which ensures a comfy snugly fit.

Complete with a stain and water resistant upper sued structure, Merrell Jungle Moc is a durable and effective shoe for overpronation. And if we add its pocket friendly budget, there is no reason why you should not try this product!


  • Air Cushion Midsole
  • Water and stain resistant upper structure
  • The sued leather upper is durable and easy to maintain
  • High performance M-Select grip outsole
  • Elastic side goring provides a comfy fit
  • Thick Compression molded foot frame offers greater stability and cushioning


  • The treads wear down very quickly.

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