Best practices and tools for team formation Essay

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Best practices and tools for team formation

Teams are used in many organizations to improve performance of employees. Formation of a team and its continual development are crucial areas in ensuring that team performs successfully and achieves designated targets. There are several recommendations as well as practices and tools which can facilitate team formation and ensuring its development in right direction. Personality Traits and Recommended practices in Team formation A basic approach is given in 5P’s model of team design and development by Shirley Fine Lee.

The 5P’s which every manager should be critically considering during team formation and development are Purpose, Participation, Placement, Process and Plan (Lee, 2010). During all these stages, it is observed that making team’s purpose known, ensuring participation, deciding on its placement and following a process and developing a plan requires strong communication by management to team members. When it comes to specific traits, another research in determining factors affecting team performances has studied impact of ‘fault lines’ in team performances.

In this study, ‘fault lines’ were based on demographic, abilities and personality traits of team members (Molleman, 2005). When it comes to personality traits, a psychological research concerning teams has specifically reviewed two personality traits in team members i. e. Agreeableness and Conscientiousness (Neuman & Wright, 1999). Tools and Services to be used in Team Formation There are several tools and services which can be used in team formation. First, using Management training or consulting firm for team building can be a great help. They can provide designed or even bespoke programs to organizations at any stage of team development.

Their exercises help gain from industry experts and also from insightfulness of moderators who are involved with other organizations. Also using such training firms and their exercises outsources several administrative functions of the process, resulting in cost and time saving for the organization to focus on their core operations. There are many management training and consulting firms around the world providing services in team formation and development. A review of selected firms and tools is provided. Teambuiling Inc. specializes in the area of providing several team building exercises.

They have several exercises available to benefit from. Organizations can use these exercises based on their requirements and stage of team formation. These exercises are carefully developed and are targeted towards forming better synchronized teams (Teambuilding Services List, 2010). An interesting part of exercises like GeoQuest is that they are not based in typical office environment but requires participants to travel around and work together and get to know each other in a more personalized way (GeoQuest Treasure Hunt by Teambuilding Inc, 2010).

Another consulting organization which provides services in team formation and development, apart from other services in management consulting is Vantage Resources, Inc. (About Vantage Resources, 2010). In team formation, it focuses on developing individual performance as well as building team competencies. A very interesting tool available online is Profile Team Analysis by Profiles International. By using this online tool, team leader can develop an understanding of their team members in personality traits like control, composure, patience, results orientation, precision, ambition and team player (Profile Team Analysis, 2010).

Similarly, another online tool by the name of Team SocioMapping® gives an interactive output of analysis of team performance in area of communication. Not only it gives an interactive output but also gives interactive recommendations to team leaders for improvement, where required (Team SocioMapping, 2009). Finally, these tools and services are used by many organizations. Some examples using the above-quoted services and tools would be Exxon, John Hopkins University, Johnson and Johnshon, KPMG and others. Bibliography Lee, S. F. (2010). The 5P’s of Team Design and Development.

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