Best Friend Essay

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Best Friend

In today world we come across lots of new people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their friends. Friends can be the one closest to your people such as your family members. Friends can also be a good influence or a bad influence in your life. When you’re making new friends, you want to look for qualities such as what the person likes or dislikes even what you guys have in common. When it comes to defining friends, there really isn’t a meaning, because everyone different in their own way.

Having friends is a learning experience which will need to happen during your lifetime span. True friends are the one friend you can always depend on no matter what the problem is. They are also the friend who knows everything about you for example all your secrets and problems. Again, a true friend is the one friend who will speak their mind and never talk about you behind your back. When you’re choosing yourself a true friend, you want to consider it as your best friend. Your true friend should always be the one friend that makes you feel on top of the world even on a bad day.

Further on this topic, you have friends that are called casual friends. These types of friends are the one are the one you meet at places such schools and trips. This type of friends is not considered your best friend. When you’re going thru a crisis, you should not depend on this kind of friend, because this friend will not be around. Casual friends are the type of friend that gives you company and usually the type of friend that you just say hi and bye too.

Now, the one friend who is always doing you wrong by you and getting you into trouble is what you call a fake friend. This type of friend is the one who likes to pretend to be your friend, but is always talking about you when you’re not around. They are also the ones that like to steal from you. Every time you’re around a fake friend, the feeling is always a negative feeling. A fake fried is the one person your parents or true friends don’t want to see you around with.

When it comes to defining friends, there really isn’t a meaning, because everyone different in their own way. Every friend that exists in this world today will never be the same and they should be treated differently. Friends can bring you up when you’re feeling down, but friends can also bring you down. There will also be different category of friends such as true friends, casual friends, and fake friends. To conclude this essay, everyone that exists has friends.

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