Best Friend: Dog Essay

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Best Friend: Dog

Dogs will always be human’s best friend. Dog are only animal in planet that loves their owner more than itself. That’s one of the reason I want a dog so bad, but my parents not allowed me to have a pet. They said I am not mature enough to have a pet. They don’t think I can take care and be responsible for a dog because I can’t even organize myself; my room, my closet, and also my school stuff,… yes, that’s all the truth but I think I can get over it. So far, my goal is trying to please my parents to buy for me a dog, a cute little dog that I can carry everywhere, sleep with or even play with in my spare time.

All of those little things motivate me. I need to do something; I need to improve myself so my parents can allow me to buy a dog. 1st thing I should improve is study and get a good grade. I know my parents care a lot about study; they always think that knowledge is the foundation of everything so if I get a good grade at school, they may change their mind. I will try my best to study right after I get home from school, complete all the homework and review the last lessons that I’ve learned. nd thing I would do is searching online for a perfect puppy would fit the best for my family. Because I live in the city so all the houses are small, close together and don’t have yard for a big dog.

And I knew that my mom loves furry pet, so I think Pomeranian would be the best breed of dog I could find and fit the best for my family. And the last challenge I would face is show my parents how I can be responsible with a puppy. It’s also the most important reason why my parents not allowed me to own a pet. I will solve this problem carefully, step by step.

First, I will show them that I always organize my room and my stuffs. I will get started to clean up my room every single day by vacuum and organize my stuff carefully. And if I have time after I finished everything I would help my mom to clean up the house, help her with dinner or what she wants me to help. Because I want to meet my goal that’s why I will do everything, I will do everything to improve myself like the way my parents expect me to be… Finally, my dream comes true. I studied hard for all 3 months; my grade came out this morning.

My mom was so happy when she held the paper. I got all straight A, she said I did a great job and she is so proud of me. After dinner, dad ran in to his car and brought a big box to the house. Everybody was wondering what is inside the box. Dad smiled and gave it to me, he said “that’s your present, for a great improvement of yourself “. I said thanks to dad and opened it right away; it’s actually a puppy, a new family member. It more than what I expected. I was so surprised. It’s actually a best day of my life.

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