What is an Analysis Essay?

An analysis or analytical essay is the type of academic writing that requires students to investigate a specific problem or an issue. It should be analyzed from various angles so students can provide the objective analysis and propose their own evaluation of the matter. Judgments have to be backed up by solid facts, relevant details, and appropriate evidence. To find necessary proofs and demonstrate the reliability of the analysis, students are supposed to employ their critical and analytical thinking skills. It’s possible to analyze the subject on the whole or separate it into smaller subcategories for a more detailed investigation. Anyway, the finest analysis is the one which is thoughtful, objective, and proven by reliable evidence.

How to Choose an Analysis Essay Topic?

The choice of topics for this essay type is diverse, but it’s always a big plus if the chosen subject is complicated and can be viewed from different perspectives. In such case, students can investigate its different aspects and the analysis will be more profound. Needless to say, the analyzed issue has to be interesting and engaging to research and write about but, at the same time, not too vast or general. The topic for an analysis essay requires additional preparation, preliminary research, and comprehension of terms. As a rule, it takes a lot of time to comprehend and research a complex topic. Brainstorming is a technique that can help students examine ideas connected with this issue and only then narrow their topic to a certain problem or question. It really helps if students write their essay on the topic they are slightly familiar or have a certain amount of knowledge about it.

A List of Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

A List of Analytic Essay Topics on History

1. The Causes and Consequences of the Great Awakening
2. The Causes and Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade
3. Causes of British Imperialism
4. What Were the Causes of the American Civil War?
5. The causes of the Downfall of Louis XVI
6. What Caused the Salem Witch Trials?
7. The Causes and Effects of the Gettysburg Address
8. Economic and Political Causes of European Exploration
9. Why Did the Spanish Armada Fail?
10. Why Nations Go to War?

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A List of Analytic Essay Topics on Education

11. Why is Science Important?
12. How to Improve Education Standards in the United States?
13. Why Logic is Important?
14. Would a National High School Curriculum Improve Learning Standards?
15. Causes of Macbeths Downfall
16. Should Tenure be Abolished in Higher Education?
17. Should Elementary School Children be Made to Wear Uniforms?
18. Why Literacy is Important in Life?
19. Why is it Important to Study History?
20. Why is it Important to Learn English?

A List of Analysis Essay Topics on Young People

21. What Causes Students to Fail?
22. What Causes Violence in Young Men?
23. What Causes Students Dropping Out of College?
24. Cause and Effect Early Pregnancy
25. Causes and Effects of Homework
26. What are the Causes and Effects of Students Stress?
27. Why is College Education Important to Me?
28. Why are More and More Students Taking Online Classes?
29. Why Students Cheat in Exam?
30. Causes Of Video Game To Be Popular

A List of Analytic Essay Topics on Life

31. Why Should People Get Married?
32. Should There be a Price Control on Medicines?
33. Why We Need Music?
34. Why Do People Get Dyslexia?
35. Why Friendship Ends?
36. Why Do People Hate?
37. Why Human Geography Is Important?
38. Why Do First Born Children Tend to be Achievers?
39. Why Do so Many People Keep Pets?
40. Why Do People Read Books?

A List of Analysis Essay Topics on Communication

41. Why Behaviour is a Means of Communication?
42. What Makes Leaders Effective?
43. Why Do People Lie?
44. What is the Best Way to Address Worker’s Motivation?
45. Cause of Prejudice
46. How Do Effective LeadersDeal With Conflict?
47. Different Reasons Why People Communicate
48. Why Some People Manage to Communicate Easily?
49. Why Communication is Important in the Work Setting?
50. What is Charisma in Communication?

A List of Analysis Essay Topics on World

51. Why Does India Have a Caste System?
52. Why are Some Countries More Developed Than Others?
53. Does Protectionism Affect a Country’s Competitiveness?
54. Causes of High Unemployment in Zimbabwe
55. Why is Nationalism on the Rise?
56. The Causes and Consequences of Rural to Urban Migration
57. Hat Strategies are Effective in Ending Global Poverty?
58. What Caused Great Britain to Adopt the Parliamentary System?
59. Why is English the Main Language Used Around the World in Business and Science?
60. What is the Place of Cultural Values in Explaining Economic Development?

A List of Analysis Essay Topics on Social Problems

61. Why Women Should Not Have an Abortion?
62. Why Should We Vote?
63. Causes And Effects of Prostitution
64. The Causes, Effects and Solutions of Divorce
65. Causes and Effects of Homelessness
66. The Causes and Effects of Diabetes
67. Cause and Effect: Unprotected Sex
68. Causes and Effect of Bribery
69. Cause and Effect of Bullying
70. Cause of Traffic Accident
71. Causes of the Dust Bowl
72. Cause and Effects of Texting While Driving
73. What Causes Deviant Behavior
74. Causes and Solutions for Crime
75. What is Policy Convergence and What Causes It?
76. Why People Shouldnt Steal Things
77. What Causes Gambling Addiction?

Analytic Essay Topics Examples

Why Respect Is Important
Why Honesty in a Friendship is Important
What Causes High Crime Rate?
Cause and Effect of Social Media
Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness
Why Rules are Important?