Beowulf Comprehension Questions

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Please make sure that you address in complete sentences utilizing quotes from the text to support your reactions.

After reading Area 1:

1. What role does Hrothgar play in the legendary?
-The function that Hrothgar played in the epic was the role of the king. 2. Who/what is causing so much sorrow in Hrothgar’s kingdom? -Grendel, the beast, was causing a great deal of grief in the kingdom. “How Grendel wasn’t ready to stop, or pay damages.” 3. The number of years has this battle with Grendel been going on? -The fight with Grendel had been going for twelve years.

4. What attempts have been made to rid the land of this beast? -The council attempted to plan many attacks against Grendel. “They even went to heathen temples, worshipped idols, and called to the Devil for help.”

After reading Section 2:

1. What causes Beowulf to want to help Hrothgar? How does he get there, and how many men accompany him? -Beowulf hears of the terrors of Grendel and wanted to help the king.

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“So the good Geat chose the bravest warriors, fourteen of them, and that crafty sailor led them to the land’s brim,to the ship.” 2. Why does Hrothgar’s soldier question Beowulf about his lineage? -Hrothgar’s soldier questions Beowulf’s lineage because he is simply guarding his kingdom. “I wish to know your lineage now so I know you are not spies going into the land of the Danes.” 3. Why is this important to that time period?

-It is important because at this time there were spies who would come to kingdoms.

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So they do not have any traitors coming into the kingdom. 4. Do you see any examples of alliteration or kennings?

-Yes you do see examples of alliteration or kennings. An example is the “Lord of the Seamen.”.

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